Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ava: 1 month

Has she really been here one month already!? Sometimes it feels like she has always been here and other times it feels like I just left the hospital. So many people tell me she looks like a mini-me, while others say she looks just like a girl version of Austin.

I haven't had much of a choice but to already start putting her on somewhat of a schedule. I am anxious to get my sleep back since I am up by 5am everyday and stay up. Of course this isn't by choice but if I don't get myself somewhat 'ready' in the morning or at least presentable to the public, it will never happen. Then I try and get Ava up and fed before Austin gets up at 6. Austin has a body clock that couldn't be more spot on. He is up at 6 on the dot everyday. Once Ava starts sleeping for longer chunks it might be easier to get her up after Austin since Austin doesn't require too much to get ready besides a change of clothing and some milk.

So far Ava continues to keep her dark hair, but Austin didn't lose his until he was 3 months or so, so who knows what will happen with hers. My mom and I have a bet going and she is optimistic she will keep her brown hair but I can't be so certain. Her eyes are already turning more blue as the days go on.

I used to find Austin all swaddled up like a little Eskimo baby in the morning, but not this little girl. I find Ava with an arm out, or both legs, and sometimes the swaddle blanket over her face! She is a master at getting out of my swaddle, or maybe I am not the pro that I used to be!

So far she doesn't mind being plopped in the swing but she is not a fan of it actually swinging. She is letting me get some 3 hour chunks at night, but there aren't many of those since again I am already up at 5am anyway.

I am soaking up every minute of being at home with her since I am only home for 1 more month after I took all that leave for bedrest. Ava will be 9 weeks when I go back to work and I wasn't planning on taking too much more since I think I lost my mind somewhere between 10 and 12 weeks with Austin. I think she senses my confidence this time around, it feels so good to not have a million questions everyday as a first time mom.

She grew out of her newborn clothes after just 2 weeks. I had so much time with Austin in newborn clothes since he got down to 5lbs. Ava well exceeded her birth weight of 7lbs at her 2 week visit and already weighed 8 lbs! Growing like a weed already.....

Grandpa Rogers has been able to visit more often as he is in the area training for deployment overseas. He came over this week to meet Ava for the first time.


  1. I think she is a mini Abby for sure:) Can't wait to see her grow into a beautiful young lady! Thanks for posting I was excited to read it:) Hope to meet her next week! YAY!

  2. Hey there! You don't know me :-) - but I found your blog by googling "15 months apart", because my oldest just turned 1 and I'm due with his little brother in June! They'll be pretty much exactly 15 months apart. Then I read that you are from Grand Rapids - and I am too!! Just some fun coincidences! Anyway - I've enjoyed reading your experience with kiddos so close. I gotta admit I am terrified at times, but I know it will be great. :-)


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