Monday, September 24, 2012

Ava: 7 months

So Miss Ava just went for her 6 month appointment and is 50% all around for weight and height. We are a tad behind on appointments after switching pediatrician's offices, but if you aren't thrilled with your doctor, it's time to change to a new one.
Ava has found her voice and is using it often! Lots of babbles going on.

She can barely stay awake until 6:30 these days. It's so sad to get so little time with her in the evening, so thank goodness for the weekends!

She is sitting up and enjoying every minute of it.

She loves to chew on everything of course as we await her first tooth to pop through. Her favorite toy to chew on has to be Sophie and soft baby books.

I am buying 9 month clothing left and right as it seems like overnight she outgrew all of her 6 month clothing. I was kinda shocked at myself because we had but just a few outfits for her! But I honestly don't have time to go shopping right now which is sad since there are tons of adorable girls clothes out there. But I sure am having fun stocking up when I can and so is Grandma!

Ava loves to eat! I can't believe she is still stuck at 5oz of breast milk at a time but she sure makes up for it by eating lots of baby food. It's crazy to see her use her pointer finger and thumb to pick up puffs and put them in her mouth. I remember Austin grabbing the puffs with his whole hand at this age and Ava seems so precise about which fingers to use.

She is just starting to scoot around on the floor but not up on all fours just yet. Although it won't be too difficult to baby proof since it has already been done for Mr. Get into Everything!

This first year is just going way too fast this time around......We love you peanut!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Build: Master Update

Jason has been working hard on creating a beautiful Master Suite and Bath! Here is the wall that the head of the bed will touch....
Here is the master ceiling beams looking from inside the master bath... hard to get a direct picture

The detail around the bathtub
And the cabinets that will be our master vanity
Loving all the sunlight coming in! Can't wait to wake up here every morning!

The Build: Stairs

So easy to get behind on blogging about the build right now, as things are quickly changing each week. Hard to even throw it all into one post since something is changing in so many rooms right now. At least for now I can post the progress that has happened on the stairs.
And here is the stairwell with the spindles
Can't wait until the stain!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Build: More Kitchen Updates

More kitchen cabinets go up.....So exciting to see the design we put on paper finally come to life...
Here is half of the island
And here is a peek of 'home central' which is between the mudroom and kitchen....perfect spot to drop my purse, contain our 'junk drawers', and a whole sorts of other randoms like calendars, grocery list....yada yada

A day at the zoo

Our recent trip to the zoo was fairly cold compared to the 80 to 90 degree weather we have been having. So it was a last minute decision to pack everybody up and head out to the zoo!

As usual, Grandma and Ava stuck together just as Grandpa and Austin did. Here we are riding in the new funicular at the John Ball Zoo.
Grandma and Ava overlook the animals
Waiting for Austin and Grandpa to ride the camel
Austin was excited to get up close to the camel but I don't think he was aware he was going to be getting ON the camel.......
Uh-oh....not too happy about riding the camel....
After the not-so-fun camel ride, we moved on to the Budgie Aviary. A caged in area full of Budgies! These cute little birdies that are EVERYWHERE! Hundreds of birds flying around and Austin loved it.
I could barely take any photos because apparently I was wearing the right colors. I had birds climbing up my camera strap, landing on my head, back, shoulders, and even on the front of my camera as I tried to take pics. I managed to snap one of Grandpa and Austin feeding the birds before we had to leave. We would have stayed a little bit longer if Austin wasn't trying to stomp on the birds!
Of course another huge hit with Austin was the petting zoo. He loves goats! I am laughing as I upload this photo because both the goat and Austin are being restrained from tackling each other!
Hey Sheep, whatchya doin'?

I think Austin was trying to figure out why these goats weren't running away from him.
Bye John Ball Zoo.....we had a blast....until next time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brownies with Grandma

Grandma couldn't wait to make some brownies with Austin.......and Austin couldn't wait to eat them!
He was a good helper by stirring them.....while occasionally sticking his finger in them too!
Perfect height to stand on a chair and watch all the action.
Even though the weather is starting to cool, Grandma has a lot of fun things tucked up her sleeve!

The Build: Kitchen Cabinets Arrive!

The kitchen cabinets have arrived and are in the midst of being placed! They are as beautiful as ever! Jason did a few last minute changes upon ordering them and decided to go with inset. We were told not to put hardware on the drawers just yet since the kids will likely climb them. But on the other hand, they won't be able to open them, so that's a plus!
There are lots of drawers in our kitchen and I can't wait to finally be organized!

Progress is being made and with plans to move in at the end of October, there is still lots to do! Can't wait to see the rest of the cabinets in place!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Everyday

As summer will come to a close quickly, I thought it'd be nice to post a few photos of the kiddos and what they are up to.

Austin is moving up in school to the next classroom (from Panda to Monkey) and that means he will be with the "big kids" who are potty training. That should be interesting! He has been transitioning well and even falling asleep at the lunch table since he is so tuckered out from playing with his new friends.

He seems to be collecting tricycles at my parents house! We are trying to find Austin bikes that he can ride since he likes to be more active than sit in a car or wagon for walks.

Most weekends at my parents include some type of water activity. We found this awesome sprinkler that squirts water every which way and it has been the new favorite thing to play with.
Austin and Grandpa (Gackum, in Austin language) are still the best of buds. Austin loves to watch the neighbors rev up their motorcycles and head out for a ride. He also loves the other noises the outdoors have to share like lawnmowers! He is always ready to investigate whatever projects any of the neighbors are up to.

Austin sure is talking lots these days! I love being able to undestand his wants and needs...for the most part. If it's one word Austin knows best, it's "outside!". He loves being outdoors and has learned to put on his shoes, stand by the slider door, and point and say "outside". If that isn't enough, he points and says "Lily" to make sure she can come along too.

Moving on to Miss Ava. As I just posted her 6 month blog, she has been sitting up well on her own. She is growing out of 6 month clothes and it was a challenge to get her into her bathing suit this past time. I remember being excited for Austin as he would have plenty of clothes awaiting him in the next size, and for Ava, I think I better hit the mall since she barely has a few 9 month outfits. No one reading this is surpised I don't have the time for shopping, but hopefully soon or Ava will be going to school in her diaper!

I was hoping we'd be moving into our house this month, but it looks like it's pushed back to the end of October. Jason and I are about at end of our limits with this routine, but we have to push through these next few months so we can at least move in and be under the same roof again! Although it wont be summer when we move in, it sure will be nice to spend the fall nights sitting out on the deck (if it's finished!).Many things can wait to be finished after we move in and I know I can endure all things after living in construction routinely at our Ira house in Kalamazoo. For now, we are thankful we aren't cramped in the townhouse and that we haven't killed each other yet (probably cause we are both too tired to attempt!)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Build: Lots and Lots of Trim

Once you start to just can't stop! What a difference just a few more pieces can make.
The columns that help separate the great room feeling we have, are starting to come together.
The ceiling in the kitchen is starting to receive some more detail as well. It will also have crown around the perimeter.
In the entryway, Jason has started to create faux columns at the corners of the walls. I love how it helps to separate the space.

The ceiling above the master bath gets some trim as well!!
I think that's about it for the trim updates at the moment. Things are starting to come cabinets and furniture to name a few, but quite a few more steps to complete before those can go in. Projected move in date is more like end of October right now. Just in time to start planning for Austin's 2nd Birthday Party! 

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