Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Summer is Way More Fun

"Summer is way more fun than winter!" was my first comment to my family as we were able to step outside on Saturday to a high of 70s with clear skies. A perfect day to get out! Austin thought so too.

Even though last summer was a lot of fun with Austin...pushing him in the swing and getting out his baby pool on a daily basis (this kid LOVES water!!)........this summer can only get better. Austin can walk around, which I think makes a huge difference in activities. He still loves going for long walks in his car or wagon, but he definitely had fun playing in the backyard.

I just love the opportunity to play around with my camera and get some great shots outdoors. Lighting is everything since I haven't ever spent time with an editing program. I hope to do that soon since I just got a new lens and external flash (that post will hopefully follow shortly).
Something about little kids walking away always makes for my favorite photos!
Here's the fun part for me....I finally am able to capture things that move like the water droplets and still have a clear photo. I know I am still so amateur in my photography but it's so much fun to learn, and summer with a busy body like Austin, should give me an opportunity to explore!
The water was cold, but Austin didn't seem to mind. He didn't even mind continually splashing himself in the face!
Looking forward to a long summer full of outdoor fun.

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