Thursday, April 11, 2019

All things hair!

I get asked by so many people, where do I get my hair done and what products I use! so I'm throwing together a short little blog post so I can direct people more easily.

First of all, for local peeps, I got to Jeffry Richard Salon off wealthy street downtown Grand Rapids. I go to Abby for cuts and TJ for cut and color in between my cuts with Abby. It's a down right amazing experience from the moment you walk into the salon. It's an Aveda salon and I can't get enough of that Aveda smell. I love their natural products and so does my family.

Speaking of natural products. I want to direct you to Maple Holistics to check out their new Silk18 Shampoo I had the opportunity to try it out first hand and let me tell you, I love it. I wash my hair once every 5 days or so using Living Proof dry shampoo in between washes, and this shampoo leaves my hair feeling incredibly clean, silky, and smooth. I love the scent and I love the all natural products.

I had  a recent scare where I had an allergic reaction to a texture spray I quickly snagged from Walgreens to use after working out. It cost me a pretty penny to go to the emergency room for steroids, not to mention oral steroids, oral antihistamines, and more medications than ever to calm it down. I learned my lesson from thinking I could just grab any old thing from the shelf and use it. Trust me, keep it natural with your products!!

I also use a leave in treatment after I shampoo by Aveda called Dry Remedy. With all the color and heat I use on my hair, this is something I can't live without.

Send me a message if you have any questions. I use a small amount of hair spray and serum for hold and smooth but if you need those linked as well, let me know!!

Oh! I can't forget. this little hair headband I use for washing my face etc is so cute and off Amazon!! it's only 18$ and it is perfect for what I was looking for. It's soft and has nice Velcro in the front and then in the back you can even pull your hair through a loop, like a pony tail, if you really need your hair away from your neck when you're doing your nightly routine!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Harry Potter World

** Photos are in no particular order. I am so over blogger and uploading photos. I just want to blog the trip!! **

Honestly, Florida was the unexpected best trip with the kids. I had no idea it was going to be THAT good. I knew it'd be fun and jam packed with entertainment but I would do that trip over and over again.

Our whole goal in the beginning was to see our good friends Rachel and Tony that moved from our neighborhood and that we miss so very much. They moved the year prior and we had monthly dinners with them that were my favorite night of the month. They are the easiest and greatest friends ! So while we were planning this trip to see them, we decided we would hit up Harry Potter World at Universal. Jason is able to get four days for the price of one with the military but boy is that still ridiculously expensive. but seeing harry potter world was worth every penny.

We booked our little dinky condo with air bnb. it was our first air bnb experience. and this little place was just 89$ a night but located right on a waterpark. The place had a large pool, two big water slides, a splash pad, an extra large hot tub and a small hot tub. And they also had daily pool activites (glitter tattoos, sno cones, karaoke etc). There was a small arcade for late night quarter spending sprees too. we were within 20 minutes of Universal so it worked out great!

Our first day at Universal was cold and rainy. We were somewhat prepared for the colder weather and at first the kids were not super excited about it, and sure enough, as the day went on, we noticed that there was no wait for rides as there was practically no one there that day. We ran around hitting every ride possible. and we took our time walking through Harry Potter World. It was so incredible. We got the kids wands that activate tons of things within the park. There is also this massive dragon that blows fire every 20 minutes. The town shakes and he grumbles as he gets ready, and its highly anticipated by everyone.

The rides for Harry Potter World are so so good. We went on them many times as we could and then each day we went back to Universal, we just hit up our favorites. And let me tell you about that butter beer. I mean I had one!! I personally loved the cold and also the frozen. We even bought the stuff to make it the moment we got home from our trip. (still has yet to be made!!)

We also had a chance to spend the day at Jason's Aunt and Uncle's new beach home. We couldn't have hand picked a better day to spend at the beach. The kids collected shells endlessly. They were able to chase the waves, play in the sand and also in their pool/hot tub. We walked the beach, and drank champagne as the most gorgeous sunset set upon us. It was a piece of heaven! the kids were so sad to leave and couldn't stop asking when we were going to visit them next.

In front of Aunt Cindi and Uncle Conrads new place
 always dying for a  silly face pic
 Austin loved collecting shells the most. He made sure to hunt for the curly q's. He brought home a large bag of them in hopes to put them in a jar in his room. Sadly no sharks' teeth this visit, but all the more reason to go back.
 They have the most beautiful view out their back porch/patio area
 None of us could bring ourselves to pack up and go. It was a magical day.
 More butter beer please !!
 The fire breathing dragon
 a blurry pic waiting for harry potter ride. This one is located on the Universal side, and you ride in a cart going through the bank and avoid Lord Voldemort.
 Olivanders where we got our wands. It was jam packed and even then the employee said 'nah this is a slow day'

 She just loves to pose
 I am the worst person to hold a selfie stick. I just can't figure it out!!
 A much better photo taken in front of the castle!
 We ate at the Simpson world in Krusty Burger. This cold rainy day was the only day we ate at the park. All the other days we only spent half a day to do our favorite things and head back to the pool.
 We loved the Hogwarts express. They play a movie on the window,  in the little car you ride in, and its different going in either direction from Universal to Islands of Adventure and vice versa. Honestly it's a ride in and of itself. the movie depicts the scenery going from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley. Its such a cool experience.
 I could have drank that all day everyday. don't tell me how many calories it is.
 The weather improved day by day while we were there.

Like I said, I would re-do this trip time and time again. I would happily pick up a third job just to do this every few years if able. We'll see if our family vacation to the grand canyon later this year goes as well. Its not Harry Potter world!! But i'm glad that the family vacations have started. You won't find us taking long road trips but who knows what we can fit within the few hours we are willing to drive. I wouldn't mind driving to Niagra falls since I think it's shorter than our trip to the U.P.
We made good memories.. even if its hard to watch everyone leave for Spring Break and yet we are still home. I'd much rather go earlier in the year and for a much cheaper price!
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