Tuesday, December 22, 2015

First Snow

So our first snow of 2015 seemed like our one and only so far. We have had a warm December and I am NOT complaining. But I sure did love watching the kids' excitement about it.

These kiddos are so lucky to have a Grandpa that is used to cold temperatures and goes outside with them no matter how cold it is! My dad always took me sledding and build snow forts and had snow ball fights with us. And now my kids to get to experience that with him as well. It's pretty awesome!
I wasn't outside for long because the snow was really coming down and I really wanted to snap a few pictures and then get started on the hot chocolate!! Although my kids don't really drink hot chocolate. They pretty much love a LOT of whip cream and sprinkles! what kid doesn't!?

Nothing makes me happier than snowflakes on eyelashes! And my buddy has eyelashes for days!

love, love, LOVE

eating fresh snow. nothing better. unless your someone that gets freaked out by that. in that case just close your eyes over the next few pics.

Off to sled down the hill again with handfuls of snow to eat on the way...
This was the day to build a snowman. however we missed that opportunity since sledding was higher on the priority list. So the next day I went out with the kids and built more of a torpedo than a snowman. oh well, it was a great looking small scale torpedo. and we had fun. and it melted within 2 days. Like I said, warm December. no complaints here.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Austin: 5 years old

This is such a big year for my buddy. Turning five and starting D-K (young 5's) was such a huge transition even though he's already been a daycare kid since 3 months old. And it's amazing to see what he has already absorbed in this first half year of school.
He has grown to love Lego's and enjoys putting something together while understanding the instructions. The huge smile that follows putting together a 'creation' as he calls them, is completely priceless.
He still has the best memory in the family. He remembers places we went years ago and there is zero room for error when you tell Austin something, because he will remember it just exactly as you said.
He is becoming so independent. I think sometimes I help my kids a little too much with things and I still get so surprised when I wake up in the morning and find Austin downstairs, dressed for the day. Although now the clothes I set out for him are set aside for his 'sports clothes'. He would still wear sports shorts every day if we let him, even though it's 30 degrees outside!
Yup, he loves all things shields, swords, play guns, bow/arrow....you get the picture. weapons of any sort! He loves to be chased around the house. His favorite games at bedtime include thumb war and rock/paper/scissors and he is ticklish as can be!
At conferences this year his teacher told us he is well liked by friends and very good to his friends as well. He is a little chatter box and even had to be moved in the classroom so that there was less chatter!! (sound like me? YES) He is still learning to keep his hands to himself when angry. I am sure all kids this age are like that but he is quick to push/shove/hit and we are always working on 'using our words'. He is also working on losing. Yup, anyone that has a 5 year old knows how hard it is for them to lose. They want to win every.single.time. and it's a hard lesson to learn.
He is so sweet and is still my little hugger. Friends often get surprised when Austin hugs out of excitement. He is still very particular about the way his socks are on his feet. He likes things organized and put in their place. He is reading and writing and all of that is very exciting on my end. I love seeing him write (and he for sure is a lefty) and I love hearing him explain his drawings he made at school. Can't imagine what another half year of school will bring to the table. Happy 5th Birthday to my Austin Joseph!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Royal Knight 5th Birthday Party

I can't believe it myself but my little guy turned 5 in November!! I am excited to blog about his Royal Knight Birthday Party because it was his first 'friends' birthday party at our house and I thought it was great success!!
I found a similar design on Etsy so I hand made the template for the top of the 'castle pennant' and also hand drew the shield. This was my first banner using the cricut but those dragons I hand cut out, which was a pain so I only did two! And I love it!

These party hats are made by one of my favorite party sites called Meri Meri If you haven't checked it out, you might just want to plan a party around one of their ideas. It's that cute!
The royal cups were bought inexpensive at Oriental Trading
Cupcakes of course were from....you guessed it! Sweet Tree's Cottage Bakery

The Castle cupcake display is also from Oriental Trading

Foam swords (perfect in case boys actually do hit each other with them, cause they are very soft) from Aliexpress
Invites made by Nealon Design
She made two invites for me cause she is that great! One for his family birthday party and one for the friends. They were both so adorable that I couldn't decide and she was gracious enough to let me have both designs!!

Cookies also from Sweet Tree's Cottage Bakery

Candy from Party City to match the theme colors
Shields were cut out of foam board for the kids to decorate themselves. I bought stickers, fuzzy balls, glue sticks, and markers for the activity.
That's my birthday boy telling some funny story I am sure.

The boys were so excited for Austin to open their gifts that I could barely see what he even got.
hmmm wonder what that gift was......
Time for some group shots!

En garde!

Birthday Boy (below) and the others are his friends from school and the neighborhood.

A fun time was had by all!!
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