Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Build: Exterior Stone, Siding, and Driveway Oh My!

After choosing our siding color, Jason and I had decided on a stone color immediately after seeing all the options out there. We love the dark colored stone with the hint of tan and light grey to tie it all together.
The driveway and sidewalk are in and my shoes couldn't be happier! The front of the house has been a muddy pit since the beginning and it's nice to finally walk on cement! Not to mention our driveway in Kalamazoo was gravel....what a pain that was to shovel in the winter! I love the small detail that even goes into the diagonal lines of the driveway.
I don't believe I ever got a picture of the west side of the house since they finished the siding...so here it is
And that's about all the updates I have so far! I know that since Jason has been gone there have been some more changes on the interior but I just haven't had a chance to get in there and check them out! Busy busy busy is all that I can say. BUT, I have met with the interior designer for a 2nd time to check out all the ideas she came up with to fit our lifestyle. I was floored with how perfect she matched the ideas in my head to what I wanted to see in our home. I can't wait for Jason to check them out when he gets home so we can order some furniture! AND we get to order our cabinets finally when Jason gets back as well.....decisions, decisions, here we come!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ava: 4 months

This little girl is rolling, rolling, rolling........

I feel so blessed to have a little sleeper on my hands! She is already sleeping 9p-7a on the weekends which gives me a little time back to myself at night. It also gives Austin and I some special time together before she gets up in the morning. We are spending all of our weekends over at Grandma and Grandpa's house since Jason is working on the house and Ava is loving taking her naps on their waterbed.

She is interested in all the action.....all the time. She wants to be sitting up watching Austin's every move.

I remember Austin eating a little more at this age, but she just went up to 5oz bottles and seems to be hitting a growth spurt right now.

She seems to go everywhere with me even when I run errands because now....having one child is super easy!

Always trying to let her in on the fun by dipping those adorable piggies in the pool.....
My little ruffle butt
Can't believe next month I'll be making baby food already like I did with Austin.....it might be time to get him accustomed to a booster seat so Ava can start using the high chair.....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Come Home Already

What can we say....we are anxious for Daddy to hurry up and come back home......
We miss you D-a-d-d-y (if we don't spell it out and he hears the actual word....Austin starts wandering around with his arms in the air asking 'Daddy Go?' and it breaks my heart!)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Missing Daddy

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful and amazing Daddy! I love Austin's emphasis on the word....Dah-Deeeeee! Our little buddy happened to be sleeping when Ava and I were able to sneak in a little Father's Day photo shoot wearing just the right shirt! Of course Jason is gone during this Father's Day (stinkin Army) but we are incredibly proud of him for serving and just miss him incredibly!

Love and miss you Da-Da!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ava: 3 month photos

Here she is, my growing little peanut. Getting bigger and longer everyday, meaning soon she will no longer be able to nap in my arms (one of the things I will miss the most about having a baby).
 love that big smile!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Build: Siding Continues

Nothing like seeing the siding change the look of the house! I couldn't love the color we picked more!
Back of the house
Closer look at the corner trim...LOVE
I am so ready to move in but we are thinking probably September....here's to hoping for a really warm fall so we can enjoy the lake!

The Build: Decisions

Building a house comes with more decisions than humanly possible. I am so thankful to have a husband that lays out decision visually for me so that I can truly see what he is talking about. I tend to make runs on the weekend to the site so that Jason can move forward with things after we talk about them. This weekend's decisions revolves mainly around trim.......lots and lots of trim.....

I'd rather not know that Jason was on top of the house like this.......
Here is some of the trim detail for our windows that Jason put together
We are choosing to have beams in our living room. If Jason could really have it his way, he would go with the larger beam, but we are going with the smaller of the two. We also are looking at what crown molding will work best with the room. We are going with the 2nd photo below with larger around the top and the smaller around the bottom
Hard to orientate yourself on this one, let alone see the difference in the wood, but this is projecting up at the dining room ceiling that is vaulted. There are three types and widths of wood, and I love the northern most piece that is the smallest width of all three. We are thinking of painting or staining in a color, rather than the usual wood stain or white paint
Here is the ceiling to the entrance of our house. So many choices on this one but I love the far right vinyl that reminds me of beadboard.

That's as many decisions in one day that I can handle.......but it was many key items to help Jason move along in the process. Can't wait to see them implemented although with his annual training coming up for the army...things might have to be put on hold for a few weeks.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


This is my Austin.....

He loves to.....
be chased around the house
repeat every word you ask him to
do things all by himself
have all eyes on him
play with cars, trucks, and diggers and
love on his sister....(for now)

This is my Ava......

She loves to....
have conversations
watch everything that her brother does and

Friday, June 1, 2012

Terrible Teens

I have to say that I think there is a myth about Terrible Two's. I am not so sure that it is terrible two's as much as it is Terrible Teens. Sixteen, Seventeen,  but mostly eighteen months....seems to have quite a few rough moments.

This past weekend was a nice long Memorial Weekend that most people look forward to. I too was excited for the extra day off work.....but it left me begging for it to end.

Austin has recently started talking in short sentences like "bye-bye doggie" and "help please" but by no means is he a full-on talker yet. His frustration with not being able to express exactly what he wants or needs is abundant. He throws tantrums, chucks his toys, and best yet.....he screams!

Tell Austin NOT to scream, and he screams louder......tell him to scream louder, and he screams louder....ignore him, and he screams louder....notice a trend?

Not to menton that since Austin and I spend the most time together, sometimes he loves me the hardest and at the same time, he bites and hits me the hardest! In one moment he is trying to bite my leg and in the next, he is kissing me over and over again!

I have to keep reminding myself that this is just a phase and I am sure in no time I will get my sweet little boy back. But it's hard not to carry the guilt of being a working mother and wishing that I was at back at work after a long weekend like the last.

As I am sure most parents go through these same feelings, I struggle with how to raise Austin so that he is not running my household. He is not at the stage where he understands as much as we wish he did, so discipline in some ways is not an option. At the same time, I have to learn to be consistent and not send mixed signals, which can be hard to do when I have had a long day at work and Austin insists on kicking and screaming when I am trying to get him buckled in his car seat.

Being a parent doesn't come with an instruction manual and even if it did, I am convinced none of us would have the time to glance at it anyway. Even though we are having some rough moments, we are certainly enjoying the fun ones in between.

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