Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And then there were Five

It's been one week now since Ava was born. She is such an adorable little peanut. We keep joking around because Austin's current nickname is porkchop, of course given to him by Jason. So now we have a porkchop and a peanut in the family. Life is sure changing at a fast speed. Thankfully Jason took this week off work to work on the build but also to help get Austin off to school in the mornings. I was and still am extremely anxious about getting two children ready in the morning and out the door. Thankfully, I have until the end of April to get our morning routine somewhat figured out.

Ava has been sleeping through most of the mornings that Jason and I spend getting Austin ready for school. Which is so nice for me since I really hate giving up some of the very special things that I have always done with Austin. I can't always put him to bed lately so even though I'd love to sleep in with Ava, I'd much rather get up and dress Austin and play before he goes to school. Jason has been practicing walking with Austin once they get inside daycare. There are some stairs and quite a hike for our little guy to get to his room, and it would be really helpful if he could walk with me since I will be carrying the carseat. Although I am sure that at times, I may have to carry both.

Ava is already giving me some chunks of sleep at night, which is much needed since I haven't been able to nap during the day with her. Not only am I a terrible napper, but I have so many things that I'd like to get done during the day, and that's on top of holding my snuggly little peanut for a good amount of time.

Austin is learning "don't touch" as he wants so badly to push Ava in the swing.

The Rogers family is complete for now, five is beyond plenty for us! We are so very blessed beyond our wildest imagination. Now if I can figure out how to get anything done around here.....laundry and cleaning can wait....I'd much rather find any reason to change Ava into more adorable pink outfits and snuggle on the couch.

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