Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Shrimp Boil & House Addition Update

I took a crawfish boil cooking class at the downtown market a few months ago. When I was telling my mom about the class, she paused and said, 'We should do something like that for the next holiday!" And sure enough our idea took off and we planned for a shrimp boil for the 4th of July!

We knew Judy (our favorite cupcake/cookie lady) would come up with something just awesome and sure enough she didn't disappoint. In fact, she went above and beyond.

We had to put our stamping skills to work with cute little goodie bags filled with Swedish fish and lemon heads.

The Old Bay Seasoning box is made out of Rice Krispies! Everything you see is edible. I mean come on, how cool is that!?

the water balloons made a quick appearance. when you can fill 20 of them at a time now, they disappear just as fast!
Jason got a little help putting up the first wall. Since this time we have all the walls up and the roofers are here. So things have been moving pretty fast considering Jason has been mostly a one man show.

The big joke is that we are putting a coffee shop onto our house. Jason had been telling me he wanted to put a big coffee machine in this room and so Austin has been telling his friends, " yeah, you can come over and have a cup of coffee" and another friend said "you mean like Biggby?". So now we just need to hire a barista.

I had 5 pots boiling at once on our stove filled with awesomeness. First you had to boil and add old bay. Then you had to add the potatoes and onions and garlic and sausage and lemons. Then once the potatoes were ready you added the crab, then the shrimp and last but not least the scallops. The pots were all different sizes so I had things going in at all different times. Once the first pot was done, I was anxious to take photos of Jason pouring it out on our last minute table. Jason built us a nice little table top for the top of the picnic table, so we could gather around and eat with our hands!

This is just one pot. We ended up doing a total of 6! so you can imagine we were calling the neighbors out to help us finish up the massive amount of food.

Kate, I freakin love you! way to get into it!

There's a reason my dad is holding up that large crab leg. That crab was Ah-MAZING!

View from the deck!

so so so so good.
And here's our neighor Brayden digging in with a mound full of food!
I have no idea how we are going to top this next year.......but I know we will!!
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