Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Easter 2014

How did I get away with never posting/blogging pictures of Easter!? I am losing my mind. Either that or I am too busy to even blog. Making blogging a priority is taking a fall back to many things. Not.Good. So to explain the first picture. I was taking pictures one day and decided to try and get a quick pic of my kiddos in those silly bunny ears. Well, I got exactly one picture before Jason called the kids to the dinner table. Here is that one picture. Sure enough, I will take it. I love Austin's expression.
 We took the kiddos to Tip Toes because Kate was the Easter Bunny that Saturday before Easter. No matter who was in that costume, Ava wasn't getting within arms length and that was it.
 In the treehouse at Tip Toes.
 On to Easter day. I got Ava this cute dress online and I loved that was not your traditional pink and fluffy Easter dress. Although I remember dressing up as a child and loving that I would get a new hat, new dress, new set of dress shoes, those cute and frilly little socks, and some years, even white gloves. (smiling ear to ear thinking of that).

 Austin loves comfy clothes. Nothing too scratchy. Nothing with tons of buttons and rolled up sleeves. Just a polo and shorts. And it's a good thing cause he has made up his mind and I don't try to throw him in a bow tie and sweater vest against his will.

 This is the first year my kids could actually both do the easter egg hunt. My family was pretty smart and color coded the eggs for each child. Made it easy for them to spot the eggs they should pick up without anyone throwing a fit. PERFECT.

 They still needed a little help
 Ava would have ate through the foiled chocolate. she.loves.chocolate.

 Kate also got them each a kite. They ran around forever. What a beautiful day it was. There hasn't been an Easter in Austin's 3 years on earth that it has been this nice of a day. Those easter egg hunts indoors are never the same.

 We all enjoyed sitting back and watching the kids play together. So many belly laughs!
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