Friday, January 3, 2014

This one moment

This is one moment I don't want to forget. Jason is gone tonight for work. My parents are moving out of our house and into their condo. One night where it's just me and the kids. Thankfully they played to themselves for just enough time that I could make eggs and bacon for dinner with their staple side dish of applesauce. 
Austin has to go potty so we wipe Ava off since she's the messiest eater on the planet and we all go to the bathroom. Austin got done and was trying to tell Ava how to sit on the potty and push like you have to go #2. So they have me laughing because they are taking turns making grunting sounds and of course it's hysterical to me. Love the faces they made! Ok enough of that on to the mushy stuff! So Austin then tells Ava 'you're my bestest friend ever!' So of course I respond with awwww cause that stuff never happens between these two bickering siblings. So they hug and then Austin tells me I'm his friend and so is Ava and we have a group hug in the bathroom of all places. 
After a long week I am tired. When I'm tired, I mean really tired, I can cry in any moment. So I am proud that I held out and didn't bawl my eyes out in the bathroom but almost....
So now we're in the basement, feeling empty without all my parents stuff and we're cutting paper. What toddler doesn't love to cut paper? All the toys in the world and we are playing with good old wrapping paper rolls, paper and scissors. That'll show you to spend too much money on all those toys. 

That's all. Just a memory. 
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