Monday, March 26, 2012

New Lens

I assumed that Ava's newborn photos were going to go just as smooth as Austin's. I need to learn my lesson very fast to not make assumptions between Austin and Ava......two very different children already. Jen from JenQphotography did an amazing job though and I can't wait to share her pictures. It was Ava who didn't enjoy being naked and didn't want her pictures taken that day. It was time that I invested more into my love for taking pictures and buy a new lens and external flash so that I could start taking better photos of our children myself. I would also like to be able to take photos for friends and family as well. It just so happened that my medical assistant at work had her baby in perfect timing for me to test out my skills...and new lens! Here are a few that I love....

Tyson was a great first client!
I wish that Ava would let me get her naked and take more photos but so far no luck! So I will just have to try and sneak in some clothed pictures of her while I still have time to do things like this on my maternity leave.
And who doesn't love baby feet?!
And now since summer is approaching, I look forward to the sunny days for even better lighting than today. But it didn't stop me from getting some pics of Austin in my parents backyard....
I still have a long ways to go to figure out how to best shoot photos but at least I have adorable little models to help me practice!

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  1. Looks like someone has a new hobby/ potential side career?!?!? Your photos look beautiful! Maybe when I visit you can teach me how to use my camera :) PS- Austin looks JUST LIKE Jason in those pics!!!! WOW!


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