Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Finally Arrived

I think summer has finally arrived. I'm still not sure but there are have been some nice days where I find myself closing my eyes, listening to the kids' laughter, and soaking up the sun.
The beach, hose, sprinklers, and slip and slide, have already provided hours upon hours of entertainment for the kiddos and neighbor friends.

Kasen is Austin's 'best buddy'. If they see each other outside, they run full speed into a crashing hug. For as much as they play together, they quarrel very little. They become so silly when around each other but they sure do enjoy their time together. 

The kiddos just spent last week in swim lessons. Austin really impressed me with this being his 2nd year in it. It's an intense week but so worth knowing how to swim with living on a lake. I am hoping the kids won't be afraid to put on their life jacket and jump in.
I know that I need to soak up on our time on the beach as someday this may not be as exciting as it is right now. For now, Ava makes me sand cupcakes, Austin fishes at every moment, and when Kasen comes over everyone grabs a water gun and shoots anything and everyone.
Glad that we live in a neighborhood with tons of kids of all ages. This summer we have been making a point to get together with neighbors every friday for a potluck dinner. It makes it one less dinner I have to worry about pulling together and it gives us a great reason to get together, share some laughs, and have a drink at the end of the work week. Praying its the longest summer in the history of Michigan because even though I love fall too, it also means Jason will be leaving for 10 weeks and I am just NOT READY for that. Not even gonna think about it anymore, just gonna be thankful for the warm summer days.

Summer Bucket List 2015: Critter Barn

One of the places we have never been until this year was the Critter Barn. I had heard from some other friends how much fun it can be so we met up with Jackie and Grace and other family to check it out!
There is an indoor part that has lots of animals to pet and to hold. It always brings back memories when I was a little girl just the same size and same age as Ava, when I was obsessed with animals. I held onto a baby kitten and sure enough it decided to poop in my hand. Didn't change my opinion of animals any but for whatever reason, we always joke about it as a family. Ava isn't as open to animals as I once was. She is still somewhat skiddish when it comes to holding and touching them.
This shows just about how much Ava is willing to pet an animal....just one tiny little finger can touch them

The goats must have been getting hungry because they were over excited to see Austin and Ava come over to the fence.
We revisited the baby chicks time and time again. They were fun to hold and would jump in and out of your hands.
Ava needed a little help but she got the hang of it.

We waited for quite some time to watch the baby calves get fed. They had us stand in a circle as they paraded the little calves around so we could pet them.

Ava looks like a little farm fashionista here. She told me she wants to ride a horsie. We might just have to put that on our bucket list next year.
The running of the lambs was also worth the wait. The sheep dog came out and showed them the way while we were all lined up on the sides.
Very fun to watch them all come out a runnin'

so many different animals to see

We got to go into the field where they all ran to. At this point Ava had had enough. It was hot and humid this day and we had done I think just about everything they had to offer there. Glad we got to check it out this year!
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