Thursday, August 24, 2017

Maggie's Bridal Shower

I am more than thrilled about my brothers' wedding this fall. Welcoming Maggie into this family with large open arms and plenty of happy tears. We had a beautiful day to celebrate Maggie and give her a bridal shower filled with love, laughter and beautiful things to start her marriage with Jarred.  They have chosen eggplant and olive tones for their wedding. My Aunt's put on a beautiful display with a theme of butterflies and birdhouses and more.
This is set up at my Aunt Carol's new Condo in Holland.

With presents to match !!
Prize gifts !!
A set up just for the little girls

Ava's signature move is the peace sign. She busts it out for all her photos where she is to smile

The girls had their own little tea party with crowns and little things to keep them happy

Maggie and Avery

Maggie's Family
Bed, Bath n Beyond- thank you for continuing your purple wrapping theme just for this shower (wink!)

My family loves their plate to look just as good as it tastes - mission accomplished

Maggie's bow bouquet. We tried really hard to break lots of bows for the good ole tradition of a baby for every broken ribbon !!
I love their clean white dishes they picked out

Their wedding in November will come all too fast. My mom and I just made the favors which are bottles of olive oil (posted a few sneaks on my Instagram ). More wedding fun on the horizon with just a few more months to go!!      

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