Monday, May 28, 2012

The Build: Exterior Taking Shape

It's been a while since the exterior saw some changes. It certainly was a busy weekend for our neighborhood with four parade of homes. Good for the neighborhood but probably bad for Jason since so many people were trying to get a peek at the inside of our house as well!

The siding has begun!! As well as the trim detail on the front of the house and garage....You'll see what a difference a weekend makes in just a moment...
More siding...
I don't think I have posted pictures of the garage doors yet. But also check out above the smaller garage, because Jason was able to work on some further detail, which really makes a big difference.
and here's the difference

We weren't sure at first if we wanted our accents to be straight or arched so this is just a mock-up of the entrance but we are pretty sure we are going with straight...
Austin came along today to check out the house
He was very excited to see if anyone was home......
I can't wait to see the siding go up all around this week.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Crazy Hectic Busy Life

Jason and I were able to get out of the house for a few hours last Saturday night. We always tend to realize how crazy we really are, when we are meeting new people.

We end up telling them something like....."we just moved.....Abby got a new job......we just had a baby.....we already have an 18 month old at home.....oh and we are building a house too........our builder? it's Jason.............yes we both also have full time jobs........

How do we do it? Who knows........

We do know that we barely get to spend time together these days, but that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

When we actually get to go to bed at the time same, we remind ourselves how much fun it will be to spend time together as a family, in our new house, with our new neighbors. Dreaming of relaxing in the sand in our very own backyard.....

Sure it may be crazy now, but I just know it'll be worth it.

It's a short little blog post, but I'm tired.....who could blame me? Plus, I just wanted to sneak in some new photos of the kiddos!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ava: 3 months

I can't say enough how much I wish that Ava could stay a baby forever. Already into 6 month clothing....that went fast.

Everyone keeps asking me how it is with two's a beautiful mess. Sure life is crazy and hectic, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I don't know how anxiety always gets the best of me, when in reality, God doesn't give me anything I can't handle.

She has already started sleeping thru the night most nights, and the nights that she doesn't, well I don't complain about it. Hard to believe this is the last of the middle of the night feedings, and maybe that's why I don't care too much when she still needs me some nights. In just a matter of time, I am sure she will adopt the early bedtime schedule that Austin has. That's a good thing when it comes to me getting a few things done around the house, but also a bad thing because it's nice for me and Ava to still get some one on one snuggle time.

She is such a strong little baby. She is a master of getting her arms out of my swaddles and I guess I need to just stop trying so hard.

Unlike Austin, she does not easily fall asleep in her car seat. She let's me know all the way home from school sometimes that she is hungry and ready to be at home. She also doesn't love the swing like Austin did. The swing has become more of a spot to put Ava in the morning when I am trying to chase after Austin to dress or feed him.

Her hair is starting to come in, and I may have lost that bet after all between me and my mom......brown it is.

Friday, May 18, 2012

18 months

And he is off and running!! My little toddler is growing up before my eyes.

He has become quite the talker in the last few months. He is now repeating just about everything we say. The two syllable words are the best because of his pronunciation...."coo-kie" or "mon-key" are just a few of my favorites. It's nice that Austin can start to tell us what he wants to do or what he wants to eat, but there is still so much jibber jabber, that at times, we just have to say....."oh that's nice".

Animals, animals, and more animals. Austin was so excited to get to the zoo over Mother's Day weekend with his Grandma and Grandpa from the U.P. He just loves to make animal sounds. It's so cute to watch him point to a cow and say "moo".

But my absolute favorite, was standing in front of the lion's den and watching Austin shout "ROAR" while slapping his hands against the glass. He would turn around and look at us and then turn right back around and shout it again and again!

Now since I have been back to work, our evenings at home are even shorter. It seems like we get home with only an hour to eat dinner and play before it's bedtime. Austin still needs that early bedtime especially with this nice weather, he just plays so hard and then crashes so hard. It doesn't help that on my surgery days, I have to wake him up at 5:45 so we can be out of the house by 6:15.....AND I have thrown Ava into the mix so it makes for a crazy morning......

Austin is getting better at eating more foods including meat but we still can't quite be fast enough to make the same dinner for us that we do for him. He is ready to eat dinner the moment we walk in the door and since Jason and I are home at about the same time, we have to just pull out the deli meat, cheese, and fruit that are readily available and get something in his belly fast!

He is a lot better at understanding to be gentle with Ava. He loves to be a big helper and bring anything that he knows is hers like her blanket and pacifier to whomever is holding her. He tries to lay his head right on top of hers as if to give her a hug. He talks to her so much that sometimes I even catch myself calling her "Dow-ah".

He has really picked up on pointing things out in his picture books. It's so neat to watch him as you ask "where is the duck" and he can look around the page to find it and point to it.

His favorite toy right now is this little digger we picked up at Target one day to keep him occupied in the cart. He loves to put blocks in it and dump them out. Mommy didn't exactly know what kind of noise it made going forward, but instead made the "beep, beep, beep" sound when it backs of course Austin thinks it makes that kind of noise ALL the time. Just adorable. I can just hear him say it now...."digg-er". He loves it so much that I went online to find a big front loader, and I can't wait to see his face when it comes in the mail!

He is doing such a good job of walking in and out of daycare while I carry Ava in her carseat. He runs down the hall and out the door and can't wait to push the button for the elevator. It's only after we get out of the elevator into the preschool room, where I lose him. He is so distracted by all of their toys and books and things taped to the walls!

Hard to believe that in just 6 months Austin will be two years old, and we will be throwing his birthday party in our new home!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Children's Museum

I had been wanting to take Austin to the childrens museum for quite some time now. I thought I would get a chance before Ava was born so that I could get some one-on-one Austin time in, but it just never worked out with all that bedrest! So finally there was a rainy day and my dad and I decided to take Austin and leave Ava at home to snuggle Grandma.

I am not sure who enjoyed this trip more.....Austin.....or Grandpa
It was so nice for Austin to play with so many things that were at his level
The main reason why I wanted to go so bad right now was a new exhibit that I read about online. It's full of rubber tire bits and river rocks! Something that looked right up Austin's alley

I loved watching Austin sit on Grandpa's lap while he played the piano!

Not only did Austin love playing with legos, but you can see that he kept bringing a peice of the last exhibit to the next one......Grandpa would patiently wait for Austin to drop it and bring it back to where it belonged
Austin was denied any money out of the ATM since it's all going to daycare and our new house.....
I still can't figure out who had more fun.......

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Build: Drywall

Couldn't be happier to see drywall go up! You can finally see the shapes of the rooms and get a better idea on some of the custom work Jason has done.

Here is part of the garage:
This is the barrel ceiling between the mudroom and the kitchen
This is the ceiling of the kitchen.....I am in love with the ceiling details Jason has can see the archway to the living room as well.
Here is a look into the living room from the kitchen.  Can't wait to see the completion of the built-ins on each side of the fireplace.
Looking into the dining room

A view of the stairwell and the front entrance
A look from the top of the stairs back down. Looking forward to hanging a chandelier!
Our master bedroom ceiling
archway above my tub

And a peak into our master closet!
Not enough time to capture everything but that's the majority of it. Siding is to start next week I believe, so that will really make a difference. We have kinda been staring at the same canvas for a while, so it will be fun to see that go up.
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