Monday, October 31, 2011

Dinosaur and Egg...#2

Austin's first day at his new school was today and he got to dress up for the parade! I am so glad he got to wear his costume again since tonight (halloween night) was short lived. I knew it would be since Austin goes to bed at 6:30p.m. I picked him up from school in a mad dash at 5 o clock so we could hurry to Grandma's to get in some good costume time. Austin didn't take a second nap at school since there was so much going on so he was already tired when I picked him up. We snuck in a few photos before we knew it was time to head home or we'd have a cranky dino on our hands! Dinosaur and ladybug took a ride around the block to trick or treat......but the ladybug jumped out after the Dino couldn't stop trying to climb her!

 My shirt says Egg #2.......
Next year will be fun watching Austin walk door to door for candy and at least Egg #2 will have hatched!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fresh Fall Air

We have had many beautiful sunny days lately, but they look warmer than they truly are. I am going to have to learn how to suck it up and just bundle up because Austin is going to love exploring outside this winter. Even if we get outside for 5 minutes, it's better to smell that fresh fall air than stay couped up all day. Hopefully we find some fun things to do on the weekends this winter but I know that sledding at Grandma and Grandpa's will take the cake.

For now, any chance we can get to see the sun, we have to take advantage!

Pumpking carving...and eating!

I couldn't wait to carve pumpkins this year with Austin being so curious about everything! I had told Jason I needed a pumpkin and of course he came back with the biggest pumpkin he could find, or something close. But, we had the pumpkin carving master Kate to help us.  Austin couldn't wait to dig in.....and give pumpkin a taste...
 We had to try and get Austin in his costume at any chance this weekend since we know on Halloween night we'll have but a mere hour or two after work before he crashes for the night. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are too cute!
 Austin opted for the frankenstein picture for his pumpkin
 Such a cute dino-tail!
 A happy Thing 1
 Austin had to give pumpkin eating one last try....
Austin is bringing his costume to his first day at his new daycare tomorrow so he can participate in the parade......hopefully they take some cute pictures to send home!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Moment to Enjoy

If you've kept up with our most recent postings, you'd know we are amidst what feels like more chaos than what we can handle. Everyday we talk about which lot we are going to finally decide on and buy, what floor plan is going to be best, how the offer is going through on our Kalamazoo house, what daycare will Austin attend, how my new job is going, how things will change in 5 months when our baby girl arrives......the list goes on! These things can't go undiscussed but there are times I would rather just not talk at all and pretend we don't have to deal with any of it. Our main reason for moving to Grand Rapids was to be closer to family. It proves itself worth it when we can take a moment to just enjoy.

Tonight we had a big family meal full of love and laughter. And I finally had a chance to take some pictures of Austin with some help from cousins to make him smile.

 Just happened to catch all five teeth and those adorable dimples!
It's true..... you are growing up too fast!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pink Pink Pink!!

Today was the day we found out what Baby #2 is! IT'S A GIRL! Jason and I had been preparing for either since we already have a beautiful and healthy baby boy at home. It's hard not to want the other sex and at the same time, I have loved having a boy so much that I knew another one, would be amazing! I love how much of a boy Austin is. He loves to rough house, smash things, and has absolutely no fear. Part of me is so excited to see if this little girl looks anything like me since Austin is a spitting image of Jason. He definitely didn't get that blonde hair, blue eyes, and those adorable dimples from me!

I didn't have much time to even think about the ultrasound this time since we are so busy with figuring out house plans to build, selling our house in Kalamazoo, finding daycare for Austin, along with learning a whole new specialty with my job. I worked up until the last minute with the ultrasound today and didn't have much time for butterflies, it almost didn't feel real. We got right to business though in finding out. As soon as she got to the legs, I swear she was going to say boy even though my gut feeling was girl this whole time. I had two dreams about it being a girl and my dreams with Austin were right on. So when she told us it was a girl, I asked her if she was serious about ten times before asking her if I could cry and throwing my hands over my face to bawl like a baby.

Jason and I have known two children is our limit ever since we got married. There were times in my life that i wanted a larger family, but for us personally, it just doesn't make sense. We are both going to work full time and honestly, we joked about stopping after one after how crazy life has changed over the past year. Good thing we jumped right into it and had our kids close, cause I can imagine why so many people wait and wait to have another since Austin seems to get to the most fun stage with every month that passes.

So here's the proof:
 Hard to take a picture of a picture but she sure is cute trying to suck her thumb already!
Can't believe I am going to have to go through all of Austin's adorable boy clothes and get rid of them, but I better start selling those cause Jason is going to have a heart attack with all the cute pink things I am going to buy!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Winter Hat

Other than when Austin was in the hospital, this boy just won't wear anything on his face or head! We found that out early on in the summer when we bought Austin a cute hate and a pair of sunglasses. Neither item could stay on his head without a fit. So when we knew winter was on its way, I didn't even consider buying a hat just yet, knowing that Austin wouldn't keep it on anyway. Today, my mom and I were shopping and found a cute grey hat that kinda matches his winter coat. We couldn't help but buy it anyway, in hopes he would get used to it. To our suprise, he wore it around without any fuss! We didn't dare velcro the straps in case he would feel too confined.

Too cute buddy! I can't wait to play in the snow with you....well, I can because I want fall to last longer, but you know what I mean.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eleven months

It's kinda crazy to be telling people that my son will be 1 year old next month! Austin couldn't be growing up more quickly this past month since he has been able to pull himself up to everything and trying so hard to stand on his own. There seems to be nothing he would rather be doing than walking with some help.

He is eating tons more regular food which is so nice to be able to feed him whatever rather than always having baby food made and ready. He has an endless pit for a stomach and that has never changed, except in the morning he seems to be wanting to get away from the bottle and rather eat a meal.

He says 'ma-ma' so much more frequently than before but 'da-da' still trumps!

He has proven to me that this move has been nothing but a small change to him since he has transitioned without problems. He seems to be doing great at his new in-home daycare even though it still seems to have left a pain in my heart since he loved his daycare center in Kalamazoo so much. So much commotion with all those children running around which he enjoyed but at least now he can get outside more often and get some more one-on-one attention.

He crawls around on all fours but if he wants to get somewhere fast, he converts back to his good 'ole army crawling.

His hair doesn't stop growing and its a challenge to always feel that he needs a haircut!

Bathtime isn't as long and great as it used to be since I have to constantly set him back on his butt since he wants to stand the whole time. We also need to find somewhere with better bath toys cause the cups and rubber duck we have don't seem to keep his attention.

This boy is just go-go-go all the time! He wants to get home from daycare and eat something and then just play until he drops! He is in all of his toys, walking around on the furniture, playing with his tabletop toys, on and off his choo-choo train, playing with the vents and door stoppers, by the stairs and trying to climb them, chasing the dog, racing towards the dog dishes, standing at the coffee table and playing with everything I forgot to put away or up high.....the list goes on!

We are so lucky to be living close to family now and I can't wait to watch you grow up with your cousin Jaqueline!
One more month until your birthday buddy, and I CAN NOT believe it!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Failed Attempt

So I have been waiting all year to get to the orchards/farms with Austin. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year, not to mention we are enjoying a bit of summer all over again with this 80 degree weather! With packing and moving and unpacking, it's been tough to find time to check out all the fun things fall has to offer. Thank goodness we have the rest of October because today was a failed attempt at visiting the Post Family Farms. I can't wait to go back but I was so excited to spend the morning there, but Austin was getting too close to nap time, and as soon as I arrived and snapped a pic or two, my battery died! Of course! Isn't that how it always happens? You plan and get excited, only for it to be spoiled! So I gave up on taking pictures and got some hot apple cider and donuts. It was hard for me to go alone with Austin since I would have loved to take him in the petting zoo or let him play around, but his tiredness was taking over. But we have plenty of friends awaiting to go to more orchards, ArtPrize, carve pumpkins, and I am sure this won't be my only fall picture!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving Day

My pictures of moving day are few and far between. It was nothing short of a beautiful mess. We couldn't have been more grateful for all the family that drove to Kalamazoo to help us pack up the past 5 years into one large 26 foot Uhaul truck! Every corner I turned, there was bins and boxes being packed and stacked, family members scurrying in every direction, doors being taken off so furniture could fit, and disappearing pumpkin bread.

Just a very minor amount of boxes and bins. We numbered our bins and wrote on note cards what are in them, and we have 37 bins!! Add that many boxes and all our furniture and we sure filled up that truck!

I couldn't help but turn my face away when I saw the build up of dust that a 1930s home can create under the furniture..... Gross! Of course I had been neglecting deep cleaning once Austin came around and boy did it show!

It only took us about 2 hours to load everything up and be on the road to Grand Rapids to the 3 bedroom 3 bath townhouse just a stone's throw away from my parents house. I stayed in the center of the commotion to direct boxes here, there, and everywhere! My original thought was that our one-stall garage would be ceiling high with boxes and Baby #2's room would be the same with bins. We came across a bonus storage shed outside by our back patio which was a nice suprise.

There is definitely more storage in this place than I anticipated, including a spacious laundry room awaiting our brand new washer and dryer! Jason and I have never needed to buy those before because 922 Ira had those old 70's yellow washer and dryer. I will miss those old appliances! Even though the buzzer didn't work on either appliance (not that I would have been able to hear since they were in the dungeon basement) and you had to set the dryer for two 40 minute cycles to dry a load, oh and not to mention the washer had hot or cold and one cycle......they still worked, so why replace them!? But now, I am anticipaing those brand new Samsung silver front loaders with that steam cycle, oooooh I just can't wait! So many features and buttons......nothing like getting excited about doing laundry makes you feel like your getting older!

But now we are here and ready to get a start on the build. Jason is finalizing the plans for the build and we practically have our double lot secured. We even had an offer on our house after the first open house but not sure yet if we'll come to an agreement on pricing. At least something has come thru but it's only been on the market for 1 week so you never know.

There are still plenty of  boxes to be unpacked but right now we are busy enough as it is and will tackle those slowly but surely. We have seen my parents daily since we got here but mainly because they want to see Austin, but can you blame them? Having their first and only grandson just down the road has to be the best part of it all!!
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