Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Change in Routine

Nothing makes me feel more at ease like having a routine. BUT......nothing makes me feel more anxious like having a change in that routine. Ever since Ava was born, my mind kept wandering to day dreams of what it would be like trying to get two kids ready for the morning all by myself. What would I do if they both needed me at the same time? Well this week is my first week of having to do just that. And of course, both children have needed to be awake and get ready at the same time. Everyone asks the same question... 'How is Austin doing with Ava?". Other than the occasional time we have to tell Austin 'Don't Touch' as he continuously wants to push Ava in her swing, he really doesn't recognize her much. He still gets our attention just as much since Ava loves to sleep.

However, the mornings have still proven to be a bit of a challenge. After getting Austin a bottle of milk and getting him dressed for the day, he usually just runs around and plays with his toys in the morning. Ava needs to eat before we leave for daycare and Austin hasn't been a huge fan of my hands being tied up with the baby. He came over to us yesterday morning and tried to hit Ava in the head with his play cell phone. Then after I told him No and pushed it away, he started to hit me with the cell phone. Finally I got a hold of it and threw it across the room, which is when Austin used his next best defense, he tried biting me! I guess this is his way of acting out!

Other than that incident, I'd say this is less chaotic than I thought it'd be. I'm learning how to get Ava out of the car first and then pick up Austin and carry them both into daycare. I'd let Austin walk but he gets distracted easily these days so he can wander off very fast. There are also three sets of stairs we have to conquer before getting to Austin's room, and since he isn't very good at going up and down those without crawling or sitting down...I just carry him. At least in the mornings, it's less chaotic and I can leave Ava downstairs in preschool but in the afternoons there is so much chaos down there that I have to lug her up to his room and sweat just trying to get Austin and her out the door. I guess this will help me lose all that baby weight even faster!

Now if only I can find a way to ease my anxiety about getting both children out the house when I have to be at work so early for our surgery days. Let alone trying to find time in the morning to pump! I know it'll all work out and I just have to trust that God will help me figure out a new routine.

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