Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am Thankful

Hard to believe this year that this was Austin's 2nd Thanksgiving. He was just two weeks old when we passed him around to all the family members last year. I couldn't wait until this year when he would be able to enjoy all the different foods and flavors that this wonderful meal has to offer. Except.....he wanted nothing to do with it. He spit out mashed potatos and turkey, and of course gobbled up the corn bread! He wasn't in the mood for eating, he just wanted to get down on the floor and crawl around. I was just happy to sit down for a hot meal and eat slow knowing that Austin was in good hands.

After a long day of lots of good quality family time, Austin suprised us all by lying down in the recliner and just letting himself be rocked away.

I wonder if he wants one of these big comfy rockers for christmas......
It's always nice to get Austin and Jaqueline together to see what they think of each other. The smirk on Austin's face made me believe he was up to something......
And of course he was....this little guy is in to biting right now and I am just thankful it was her shoe and not her!
What am I going to do with him!? I have no clue, but I do know that he makes me laugh every day and for that, I am thankful!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hoppy 1st Birthday Party

There was something about this birthday party that was teaching us all (mostly my mother and I) that we needed to learn some patience. First our baker became ill with the flu, so we frantically found a new one last minute, then my dad came down with something flu-like that made us change location last minute.....then there was also the fact that Austin was being a terror when it came time to take a nap at my Aunt's house, but amidst all of that, we overcame it with no problem and had a wonderful birthday party!

Everyone was asking me 'why the frog theme?' but there was no real answer. He got quite a few frog and turtle toys when he was a newborn and I guess it stuck with us. Then it seemed that anything that was frog-like when it came time to preparing for his 1st birthday party, just hopped out at me.
We found a picture of an invite on Etsy and decided to re-create rather than just order it. We had fun making the invites but as you can tell, with deer hunting season and Jason's national guard, we had to change the date.
The cake was another find online but recreated by Ida's
I had to get quite a few photos because the cake and cupcakes were just adorable!!

My mom has made cake pops in the past, but since the taste isn't worth all that sweat, she made rice krispie pops! She displayed them on this tree 'o frogs!


Some more decorations.....

When Austin was in somewhat of a good mood.....we jumped outside for a quick photo-op! I had saw these cute photos somewhere and couldn't wait to try and re-create...so I made a collage but am hoping to find a three-photo picture frame to hang up for the next year.....

Austin loved playing with "O" the most, but Grandma helped him find the other letters just as interesting too!
Daddy and Birthday Boy
Back inside and after a horrendous time trying to get Austin to nap for a 2nd time that day....It was time to open presents. My family even got in on the theme and had found frog birthday cards!
After Austin enjoyed the balloons and cards and could have cared less about the presents, it was time to let Austin loose once again with some cake....and he didn't disappoint......
Look at those cute little hands all covered in blue and green frosting....

Love this cake covered face! I'd say his birthday party was one big success and this face proves it.
Can't believe the 1 year mark has come and gone so fast........

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rocking Chair

I picked up this adorable little rocking chair at a 2nd hand shop about a month ago. Even though I have done a good job of picking out toys that Austin has loved, Jason still questioned my purchase. Over the past 2 weeks, I would say Austin couldn't love to rock in it more! He stands at it but gives you that look of 'please put me in the chair!' He sits in it and rocks back and forth for a good 15 minutes which is funny because not many things grabs Austin's attention for more than a minute or two these days.
I can't help but put Austin in Christmas Pj's already because they are so cute!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday Cake

Even though Austin's 1st birthday party isn't until this Saturday (late due to deer hunting season and all the boys are gone), who can resist celebrating with cake!? We had a hint that Austin would dig right in since he had no problem eating the gunk inside of the pumpkin when we carved them this year for Halloween. He was certainly excited once he laid eyes on his personal cake....
My favorite is how after each bite he squinted his eyes and shivered......I guess all that sugar for the first time was a little much!
He was one happy birthday boy!
What a champ! He was not going to let any cake go to waste......
All hands in!
Excited for hopefully another good repeat of this at his birthday party!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Build: Lot Number 62

This is the beginning of a whole new subset of blog posts......The Build. We are so excited to finally have purchased a lot, specifically lot number 62, in Providence Lake located in Byron Center.

We officially paid for the lot, which means our savings is sitting right here in this pile of dirt. But this pile of dirt will become the place we call home for hopefully a very long time. We are actually closing on our Ira house in Kalamazoo at the same time, so we couldn't feel more joy that we have been so blessed to sell one home and get started building another.
We are working on the house plans with an architect but are getting close to the finished product. Even though we recently saw snow for the first time this season this past week, we are still confident it's possible to get started with the build before it's too late. Our plans have to be approved by the association once we are satisfied and then we can get all the permits set and ready to break ground.

Here are the boys looking at our lake front property.......never did I imagine we would be living on a lake, yet alone in a  beautiful neighborhood that everyone has assured us is full of friendly families and lots of kids.

Here goes nothing......and at the same time...everything. The ups and downs, joys and pitfalls of building our dream home.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Year

Hard to believe it was this time last year when I was joking about going for a long walk after Thanksgiving dinner because I just knew that that was the weekend Austin was going to come into the world. But he chose differently and decided to come 4 weeks early and with no problem at all. He was 6 lbs 8 oz and ready to be around for ALL of the holiday season. I was so shocked since I had just had my last baby shower 1 week prior and had just barely put everything away. He doesn't stop suprising me one bit.
Austin has been getting into anything and everything and I can't imagine how much that will change more once he can walk around. One of my favorite things he does right now is climb into your lap if you are eating something. Jason and I are often eating on the floor since we love to be down on Austin's level and he crawls right over with the cutest smirk on his face and starts to work his way up your body so his face is level with your face. He loves food!! He's almost to the point where baby food no longer interests him. But why would it? Regular food has so many fun textures!
He loves to play peek-a-boo around every corner. He loves to stand and stare out the slider doors and bang his hands on the windows.
He still tries to climb onto Lily whenever she is sitting nearby and she is actually getting a little more tolerable of Austin's pulls and tugs.
He is still sleeping from 6:30p to 6:15a as that is the time I get him up to get ready for school. We have him enrolled in a wonderful daycare center right next to St. Mary's which is so convenient for me. They even send me cute text messages and pictures of him making messes or playing around. It makes me really want to be able to figure out the budget to put both of our children there because how could I remove Austin from something he loves.
It's been nice that Austin has stuck in 18 month clothing for a while. I felt like I was always buying clothes for him, although I still do just not on an urgent basis!

He loves his board books but right now would rather eat them or flip through the pages on his own, he only lets you read the Goodnight Moon book all the way through on some days.
He's a terror when it comes to changing his diaper. We always need to save the good toys for when it's time to change him so that he gets really interested in something or he'll be running away butt naked.....

His birthday party is around the corner at the end of next week......once the boys get back from deer hunting....and it's going to be one Hoppin' Party.......(hint for the frog-themed 1st Birthday Party!)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday Kiss

Today Austin and I were able to go celebrate Mirabella's 1st birthday. Mira's mom Rachel and I grew up going to church together, spending weekends together, and even attending each other's family vacations. It was so special to become pregnant together and share and exchange pregnancy advice. It seems like just yesterday I was attending her baby shower and comparing baby bumps. Rachel went two weeks early with Mira and with Austin coming 4 weeks early, our little ones turned out to be only a few weeks apart. Crazy that we get to share baby advice and comments but even though they are so close, they are so different. Mira is already walking around and has more faces for likes and dislikes than any baby I know. Just adorable!

They played well together and not so well together when Mira started climbing Austin and pulling at his shirt collar. Even though she started the kissing game first, I was lucky to grab this cute shot of Austin returning the favor.....

Happy Birthday Mirabella! Can't wait to watch you and Austin grow together (while Rachel and I secretly plan their wedding!).
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