Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 Months

The smiling and the coo'ing is what keeps me going everyday! Austin had his first week of daycare last week and he did great! He gets a report card everyday and it was funny to see the note "happy happy baby" on the top of each sheet. I am so happy that he transitioned well since I was expecting everything to be thrown off. He continues to sleep through the night and to my suprise, over the weekend, he slept from 9:30 to 7:15 both nights! What a good boy for letting his mama get in some extra sleep!

Speaking of's Austin snuggling Dad and Lily
When Grandma and Grandpa come to visit, Austin spends nap time in their arms as they soak up every minute!

Austin so badly wants to hold the bottle and help

He just loves to be put on the floor so he can kick and smile at the ceiling fan! And that little striped pillow is for the stubborn side of Austin....he has a little flat head syndrome from always wanting to sleep on the right (the side that's not bald!).

Still loving to sit up like a big boy in the bumbo

He's just about 13 lbs now and such a long little guy! We are still trying to stretch out the time we have with his little faux hawk since he is almost completely bald on the left side.

Life back at work couldn't make the weekdays busier! But Austin is doing well at daycare as said earlier, and it just makes me look forward to the weekends even more! Every day there is "prep-work" for the next day but slowly and surely I will find a nice routine! At least Jason and I are getting better at the evenings. With nicknames like Daddy Dinner Maker and Mama Milk Cow, you can imagine that when we get home from work, Jason makes a dinner for us while I feed Austin a bottle. I am looking forward to the end of the week when it gets as warm as the 50s so Austin and I can get out with the stroller and take a walk!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

A day full of love, laughter, and tears as we celebrated the soon to be birth of Jaqueline Rae with a wonderful Dr. Seuss themed baby shower! We shed the tears of happiness along with tears of joy as we truly wish my Grandmother, Jaqueline (Jackie) Faasse could be sharing these moments with us, however we know she is in heaven with Papa smiling down on us on this very special day.

The invitations went out and were a huge hit! We found a great design thanks to
We also found a menu online and just adjusted it for our food items.

Adorable sign that we stuck out in front of the house

The tables were decorated with cute little pots of gerber daisies, homemade bookmarks with Dr. Seuss quotes, and lots of Dr. Seuss primary colors!

close-up of the bookmarks
Books and Stuffed animals were placed around the room and were prizes that were given to Tara.

As people started rolling in, so did the gifts! We have a little wrapping addiction in my family.....and here are just a few....

Once people arrived, we had them start taking their picture with this fun little set-up.
Here is the lady of the hour....

And how appropriate to have the twins holding the "thing 1 and thing 2" sign...
Kate and Austin
Close up of the adorable outift Grandma bought
We started out the shower with the infamous candy bar in the diaper game. Here Tara shows off the Nestle Crunch:

Aunt Fran's face is priceless

Karly took it a step further...which helped her in the end because she won!!

Time for gifts! This one is made by Tara's mother in law....just adorable!

Having a girl means.....cute little pink things!

Every new mom understands the importance of a bouncer when life gets busy!

Before having lunch, Tara's Dad, my Uncle Dann, wrote a sweet prayer to go with our theme.

Lunch was a creamy tomato basil soup with homemade croutons and a wonderful salad!

Dessert was beyond delicious! We ordered the Cat's Meow from Food Dance, one of my favorite restaurants in Kalamazoo.

We can't forget the cute Cat in the Hat cookies that we put in everyone's goodie bags to take home!
Tara recieved all sorts of wonderful gifts for Baby Jaqueline! Her husband Adam stopped by and couldn't believe the couch full of stuff!!

So excited for Baby Jaqueline to arrive in early April (or maybe even end of March!!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

12 inches of snow and drifts as high as 5 feet, there was no question Austin and I were staying inside! Although, I did make two attempts to get out and shovel Lily a potty maze in the backyard, brush my car off, and try to get some of the driveway done so Jason wouldnt have to do it all when he got home from work. It was time to dress Austin up as if he was going outdoors just for fun!

What an adorable little bear!
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