Monday, April 9, 2012

Teething Toddler

Saying last week was Rough for the Rogers is an understatment. Our poor little guy seemed to start off the week on the wrong foot. I dropped him off at school Monday morning only to walk in the door at home to have a phone call from his teacher saying he had to be picked back up for a fever of 102. I drove all the way back to school and picked up Austin. He was smiley and a fairly good boy all day with the exception of a fever that stuck around. I was confident that he could go to school Tuesday morning with a heavy dose of Tylenol and be fine. Tuesday afternoon I got a call from daycare saying he had a fever of 103 and had to go home. This was my worst nightmare since I had a planned outing to visit friends in Kalamzoo on Wednesday and had a hard time imagining bringing both kiddos. Austin awoke from a cat nap Tuesday afternoon only to thrash around on the floor screaming for a half hour before I called for reinforcements. My parents came over and Austin snapped out of the craziness.

The next morning was hard. Usually Austin plays independently while I feed and tend to Ava but he was not having it. He cried every time he bumped his head or fell down or didn't get his way, which was continuous. My plan was to hop in the car after Austin awoke from his morning nap so we could get to Kalamazoo by 1pm. After we arrived, other than a little whining and being a mute, it wasn't too bad. The ride home was beyond terrible. Austin cried and screamed the whole hour home and Ava even joined in for a good 15 minutes. I thought I had lost my mind for trying to make it work, but it was worth my trip to see good friends and their growing children. Thankfully Austin was fever free and good enough to go to school Thursday and Friday but it left us with a very crabby Austin in the evenings and he was in bed by 6pm both nights. I even had to carry him like a football while he was kicking and screaming out of daycare.

I despise teething. Does the process ever end!? It's not fair that it turns my sweet little boy into a monster. The poor guy was biting anything and everything in frustration. I swear his teeth had a race because they were popping in left and right with avengence.

During the process last week, I realized what a great Craigslist purchase my double stroller was. I wasn't going to invest in one since I had no clue what kind to buy and if I would get good use out of it. This one was found for 50 bucks and well worth the purchase. Austin kept bringing me his fleece and climbing into the front, saying "go go go!". This is also my only picture of the whole experience last week because the one time I grabbed my camera and took pictures, I realized later that I left my memory card in the computer. Shows you how scrambled my mind was!
I hope I can put away the teething toys and Tylenol for a while!

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