Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Met Sophie at The Zoo

Such a beautiful weekend to head out and take Austin on his first trip to the zoo. We went to Binder Park Zoo near Battle Creek and Beth came along even though she is 39 weeks pregnant. I was hoping if we walked enough we could put her into labor since I am so anxious to meet Baby Behnke. Didn't happen.........BUT we did have a lot of fun!

With Jason being gone the whole month of June, I kinda wanted to trade spots with this Red Panda......
Now here's the best part!! We got to feed the giraffes! I am sure if Austin could talk he would have called it a 'Sophie', but needless to say, he was fearless. So I gave him the leaf......
The giraffe couldn't resist and about ate Austin's whole arm......
And I thought it was hilarious.....
Beth's turn!!! Now you see it.........

Now you don't.........

You got any more??
It was the best part of the zoo by far.

Hard to be afraid of a llama with such crazy teeth....
Even though we spent hours walking around, Beth didn't go into labor.....but it should be any day now that Austin will have a new friend!! I am so happy that Austin wasn't afraid of anything. I can't wait to come back again!

Friday, June 24, 2011

6 Month Photos

 It was probably just a tad too early to do 6 month photos even though Austin was 6 1/2 months at the time. He was just starting to sit up on his own and he was fighting the teeth that are trying to push their way in! He was frustrated with my continued efforts to make him sit up by himself, so we placed him in baskets to give him a little relief.
 We ended up getting some great shots though that made it all worth the very rare day of crabbiness our little guy had. We just kept telling Amanda....he's not ever like this....really.....

 This is truly my little Austin with his big happy smile.

It wasn't but a week or two later that Austin was sitting up so well on his own and done with teething for the time being. Funny how all of that tends to work out, but regardless, I am really happy we got some good shots. Completely Priceless.......

Sunday, June 19, 2011


There are only so many days in the Michigan summer that you get to spend outside with low humidity. Those days are the best to sit outside, even if it means doing absolutely nothing. I got to spend a short time outside with Austin today, in the middle of my on-call day. When I am on-call, I have to round on all the patients in the hospital, as well as ER admits and in-hospital consults. BUT, if I am lucky enough to go home when I am done doing those, then I sit around and take calls, and pray I don't get called back in. So I spend most of the day sticking close to home in fear that if I go somewhere, that will be the moment that my pager goes off for an urgent trauma. Needless to say, I got to spend the beautiful day sitting around with Austin, just enjoying the summer breeze.

This is what I get to come home to after a long day at work, and it sure does make me the happiest person on earth...

 Austin has been sitting up on his own and absolutely loving it! His frustration kicks in when he sees his feet and then bends in half in order to put them in his mouth. Most of the time, that plops him right over onto his side, which doesn't bother him too much.....except for tonight when he did that in the bath and got a face full of water!
 His curiosity is running wild! There isn't anything he doesn't want to grab with his little chubby fingers.
 But lately, all he does is airplane. He doesn't have an interest in getting up on his knees, or at least he hasn't quite figured that out yet. If you put him on his back, he rolls right over as if there is no better place than on his tummy. I am just fine with him stuck in one place for now since our house is nowhere near baby proof.
We'll see how long this airplane lasts until it starts flying/running away!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Austin's Baptism

Austin was baptized today, June 12, at The River. While Jason was away in Texas in 2009, I did a lot of "church hopping" to find the right one for us. It was kind of exhausting to visit a new church each week and be somewhat disappointed that nothing felt quite like Mars Hill. No one will probably reach me at such a level that Rob Bell does at Mars, but I have to say when I found The River, I fell in love with it.

Jason came home from training this morning just for the baptism. My boys are lookin' handsome!

Grandma and Grandpa always seem to get a beautiful picture with Austin looking at the camera.
I am sure Austin is thinking about jumping right in to the Holy Water right now...
Austin thought it was pretty funny that Uncle Dann was playing with the water and putting it on his head.
I couldn't have been more happy to have Austin baptized in front of our beautiful church family as well as our own family and friends. Our pastor Rob took Austin around the church to introduce him and ask everyone to pray for him.
He was pretty tuckered out from all the attention on him, so of course he fell asleep on one of his favorite spots....Grandma
Austin got some cool trucks and cars from Aunt Carol's adorable store, Tip Toes.
Jaqueline is 10 weeks old now and 10.1 lbs and stinking cute! I can't believe Austin was that small at one time since he is now 7 months old and 18.5 lbs!! Aunt Kate is so proud!
We got the cake from Ida's in Grand Rapids and of course we had them put Austin's favorite thing on it........Sophie!

What a beautiful day it was today and after all the fun we had, Austin fell asleep in his crib the moment everyone left. We are so blessed!!

Finished Products of the Dining Room

I can't believe the dining room has been transformed and yet I didn't think there was so much to change in the first place.

Jason has been busy at training and has been working on the dining room at every change he gets. It was great timing to finish it all since we just had a whole bunch of family over for Austin's baptism.

For some reason I just can't quite get the lighting to cooperate no matter what settings I have....still so much to learn about this camera even when I think I have a few things mastered!

 No Before and After on this one. I never got a picture of the window with nothing underneath but I also didn't imagine Jason could add this bench and storage area here.
Not sure what Jason has in store for his next project but maybe it'll be a lot of small detail since we hope to sell this year if possible. I have said that the past two years so who knows when we will sell. Jason and I have a running joke that we will move in another 5 years, but at least we can laugh about it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7 months

My precious little boy is getting more fun as the days go on. It could bring tears to my eyes just thinking about how much love I have for him, and yet how much love I know he has for me. He starts to whine when I leave the room, which usually has me bringing him from room to room just so he can see what I am doing. There isn't anything I don't do that makes him laugh. I just love that little giggle, it's the best! Sometimes I can even just look at him a certain way and he thinks I am such a comedian.

I love getting right down close to his face and going over sounds with him. He watches me so closely and concentrates when I repeat "ba", "ma" and "da" to him. It's so cute to watch him try so hard to make those sounds, although he is pretty good at puffing his cheeks and repeating the "buh" sound. He loves to play with and touch my face, which I love too, except that he's a pretty good pincher, ouch!

One of Austin's favorite games to play by himself is peek-a-boo. Anytime Austin is left on the floor with a rag or burp cloth in his reach, he places it over his face and flails his arms and legs. He then removes the cloth and moments later places it right back over his face, only to flail again. He does this over and over again! So glad that something so simple can amuze him so much.

In preparation for swim classes when he turns 8 months, we have been introducing Austin to water at every chance. He loves to splash and is suprised each and every time he splashes himself in the face.  He happens to splash everyone else around him at the same time.....

Such a cute little water baby!
I'm mesmorized by these chubby little fingers, and those chubby little cheeks, those beautiful blue eyes and bright blonde hair......

It's so sweet to see the love between Austin and my parents. We try and spend  at least once a week with them and yet it still seems too long sometimes after just a week has gone by. Austin enjoys rough housing with my Dad as he rolls Austin back and forth and all around on the ground. Austin also loves the billions of kisses that Grandma gives nonstop!
Austin is rolling around all over the place now and sits up mostly on his own but topples over from time to time. He is more fun as the days go on as he interracts more and giggles so often now! But seriously, if Austin could just stop growing, then my bank account could grow as I could stop buying more clothes! Glad this little guy continues to show that 1 month early makes no difference!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Nap Under The Sun

Today was one of those beautiful days in Michigan where you suddenly develop Alzheimer's disease regarding Michigan winters. This day takes the cake! There was a slight breeze with sunny skies....perfect for napping outdoors. Austin has enjoyed every moment at the Grandparent's house this weekend and was exhausted from playing in his kiddie pool and the hot tub. This is the first time Austin has slept on his tummy and he sure did enjoy every minute of it, considering he slept for hours and was hard to arouse when it was time to go.

 Where is my baby boy?? He is growing so big and so fast these days. He is in an 18 month outfit if that gives you a clue considering that he hasn't turned 7 months yet. Well it sure was heaven today watching him nap, such a precious moment.
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