Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This was Austin's first visit to the butterflies at Frederick Meijer Gardens and it couldn't have been more perfect. The day was beautiful and sunny so the butterflies were incredibly active.

Although many people were carrying around their zoom lens, I was busy trying to practice using my new lens.

I was so thankful that Austin stayed in the stroller throughout the exhibit because he can be one antsy boy.

But those beautiful butterflies kept his attention so we could make one good walk through. Plus Grandpa was great at getting the butterflies on his finger to show Austin an up close and personal look at them!

We were kinda anxious ourselves to get outdoors after being in that hot and humid exhibit so we didn't waste any time hitting up the childrens park. Austin immediately found the water and couldn't wait to splash around. He was able to survive this part without falling and becoming soaking wet, but of course we had to visit this same spot a second time. It was then that Austin fell onto his butt leading us to head home with Austin in his diaper in the carseat.
It's very clear that Austin loves playing in the water. I wasn't prepared as a mother for this outdoor park because I had no clue this was even at the gardens. I didn't bring any sunscreen and didn't dress Austin in shorts since I didn't know how beautiful the weather would be. So we didn't spend as much time in the park as Austin would have liked but he didn't mind rolling up his pants.

Ava slept in the front pack on Grandma the whole time. So in the end I would say this was a successful outing with the kiddos!

Next time I will be a little more prepared. Although I have to say getting out of the house is one chaotic run around with two children. The moment Austin wakes up from his nap and Ava has ate, we have to scurry around and pack everything up so we can get a few hour window of happy children. But we did it and hopefully will make another visit soon.

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