Friday, October 1, 2010

Tornado = New Garage

It was always a running joke ever since we moved into our house, that secretly something would cause harm to our leaning one-car garage. In June of 2008, our prayers were answered! A tornado came tearing through the neighborhood. I happened to be in Grand Rapids working my weekend at the Butterworth ER and Jason was at National Guard in Greenville. We came home to the disaster you see below....

Our neighbors tree shed a branch during the tornado, which helps you imagine that it is similiar in size to the tree planted in our yard. Since our neighbors did not want to pay their deductible to have the tree removed, we had to take matters into our own hands.

We were happy to give away free firewood to those that would come and get it! Notice how tiny the little garage is behind the's a huge difference when you see the pictures below.

So down came the old garage and in came new cement. However, in order to keep the old building codes, we had to leave one wall of the old garage up.

We just had to place our mark!

Thanks to some help from friends, the garage went up a little faster!

You can remind yourself of the itty bitty one car garage from my first blog. Now this, is a much needed improvement!

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