Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Infamous Closet Addition

Knowing that Baby Rogers is on his way, we decided to add on to our house in order to make room for him.

Jason got started with the foundation.

He sure does know how to Demo!
Here it is all framed up like new construction.

Jason had to make a doorway from the baby's room into the new closet.
Next up is the drywall.....which always means tons of muding and sanding...which equals tons of dust!! Jason also took the carpet that was in the baby's room to put it in the closet.
I left for a girls weekend, and when I came home.....Jason had all the shelving built! So the next step was priming, and of course we called for reinforcements....the rents!

Lots and lots of painting!!
The shelves are all painted. Jason also started adding drawers to the bottom of the shelves, which he adds beautiful beadboard faces to later! We found a big beautiful mirror just in case you want to have a fashion runway in the closet. We were also testing out the shoe rack!
Lots of space to hang clothes and more shelving for some bins!

The shoe rack is finished, although there seems to be some spots for some more shoes! Also there are drawers beneath with custom built faces out of beadboard, my favorite!
I was able to pull out my purses from the basement so I can stop digging for them in bins. I started hanging Austin's clothes! I love being able to see all my pants hanging!

Oh how I love that I have space for more clothes!! We found these bins at Lowe's after looking at just about everywhere.
Ahhh the closet is over 95% finished! Still a few things to touch up later!
We can't forget Jason's hard work on the built-in. We decided back in the beginning not to have a door into the closet. So Jason built a wall and rather than look directly into the closet and all of it's items, you can see a built-in with it's own light. Knowing Jason and I, we more than likely will change out these items for some modern decorations like a vase.


  1. Wow! I didn't know you posted this yet, it looks great! I still can't believe Jason can like, build that, or a garage, serious construction skills. Pretty hardcore! I love the closet, that is an awesome addition for a house! So jealous of the shoe rack! Ugh, I would love to have shoes on display, sigh! It's awesome!

  2. You have one handy husband. And a lot of really cute shoes!! I'm am wondering though...the closet seems to be full of Abby + Austin clothes. Where does Jason put his clothes?


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