Thursday, September 9, 2010

922 Ira Ave: The Beginning That Never Ends

Jason and I bought our first house in May of 2006. We had until August of 2006 that year before we tied the knot and officially moved in....moved in to construction that is! A bonus to my marriage was marrying someone that was so handy...which I never knew. I remember watching one of my favorite movies, The Money Pit, and wondering how similiar this house would be to their house. The picture below may look like brick, but don't let it fool you, it's terrible brick-like shingles!

You must take in so many things when you look at the above picture. Take note of the tiny, leaning garage to the right....this will soon be changed by a Tornado that I secretly prayed for! Also, look at the landscaping and those awful bushes up front. I have to say I miss Jason's Audi TT convertible, that you see here too, what a cute fun car that was.

So now you can tell we changed out that single car garage with dirt flooring for a two car garage with cement flooring. Those awful bushes out front were replaced by hydrangias, along with some much needed landscaping! The biggest change of all of course, is the khaki siding. Even though there no longer is a TT in the driveway, I love my beemer!

Take a look at that half wall on the front porch, this disappeared quite quickly. I feel like these pictures are comparable to the ones you find in magazines or newspapers where they ask, "what is the differences between the two?" Look below to see what I mean....

New front door, new windows on this side of the house, new column with address numbers, no more half wall on the front porch, and way in the back you can see the new addition. Jason is actually working on the roofing for this addition as I blog this, and then he can side that portion to match.
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