Sunday, October 10, 2010

All We're Missing is the Lil' Man Himself

There's nothing but relief that this room is mostly put together and in place for Baby Roger's arrival. With 8 weeks left, I was starting to get anxious when just a week ago, the walls, the room, and the floor was bare!
The bedding by Lambs & Ivy is just adorable! A beautiful sage color with hints of chocolate! Neutral enough that we can easily use again for the next babe....but let's focus on this one first!
If you ever go house shopping with me, I will probably say at least once..."I love signs!" It's so true! I love any sign with words or phrases or quotes of some sort! So when my Mom and I saw this one at a cute store in Holland, it didn't take but two seconds for me to say yes!
So happy to have a beautiful and comfortable glider since I know I'll be spending LOTS of time in it. Jason bought me a sage colored blanket for the chair. I also got my Boppy all ready since I know how much more comfortable things can be with this nice little pillow! We have a little end table that I bought at a second-hand furniture store in Grand Rapids. We sanded it down and painted it the off-white color of the trim in the room. You can see the Laundry hamper my mom bought me next to the little table. Also, there is a little polka dot tote next to the chair with toys in it for now. My mom bought me two of them which she thought would be great for bringing things up and downstairs since we'll spend a lot of time on the main level.
We hung a cute frame with a pug picture in it for now, but we are planning on adding a cute newborn photo! To the right of the frame, is a Carol Roeda magnet display board. I love these magnets. You can put scrapbook paper behind the photos and magnets and easily change out photos frequently. It's like having a scrapbook  page on the wall!
Above the dresser is a painting that I did back when we first painted this room. I like to add my own photography to rooms but this time I tried to add my own little painting. Inspired by David Bromstad from Colorsplash to do it but he is just way too talented!! We just added the dresser in last night after debating changing table vs. dresser, buy a new one vs. re-do an old one, long or short, etc. It fits the space quite perfect since this is in the walkway to the new walk-in closet. Of course you gotta have your diaper genie!!
This is a close-up of the burp cloths my talented Mom made!
Not that I want little Austin to get here any sooner than when he is due, but at least we are more prepared in case he does happen to arrive early.

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  1. What an adorable space!! The colors make is so serene and relaxing, perfect for late nights! Those curtains are fabulous too, what a great inspiration!


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