Saturday, October 9, 2010

From Kitchen... to Office... to Baby's Room

When we moved into this house, the upstairs was a 2nd apartment or mother-in-law's suite. The color was a very awful teal/green color! Jason had a good time demo-ing this wall. Oh, and don't forget to look at that weird rounded door to the left...

The wall colors were changed to a light grey. Jason placed a peice of artwork on the wall as he often does. We had to add a dresser, as we have very little closet space in this house, which later leads to Jason adding on a large walk-in closet right off this very room!

Now the room is a sage color  to match some drapes that my parents passed onto us when they got new ones. It just so happened to make a perfect color for a baby's room since we bought this paint before we even knew we were having a baby. I'll probably add something on the wall and this will more than likley have a dresser/changing table on this wall.

This view is walking into the room and looking to the right. The two toned closet door is open, so you don't see the built in cabinets behind it.

Kept the set-up with the desk in the corner

And now the crib replaces the desk! It is still a work-in-progress but once it's done, I'll be sure to blog the nursery in detail!

The cabinets sure were able to hold many things, but it's time to make room for my new glider! Little did I know that Jason was also anxious to get rid of this tiny closet as well, so this also disappeared from the room.
Poof, they are gone! Well Jason will tell you it wasn't that easy....

The wall has been drywalled and primed. Next step is painting this wall back to the color it has been, which is a sage/blue color. Jason also tore out the carpet to put into the closet addition and we will add new carpet to this room.
Now it is painted and has much more space that is well needed in this tiny room.
Now the space can handle my glider without those bulky cabinets and closet door. Some furniture rearranging still needs to happen so I can have my little table next to me without it being awkward, but overall, this has been fun watching this room transform over the past 5 years.


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