Saturday, October 30, 2010

Odds and End Tables

As we anxiously await the arrival of Baby Rogers (only 5 weeks left!!), we are getting the house ready for a baby shower at our house. It seemed only logical to have the shower at our house since I have friends coming from Mattawan, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Howell, and other areas on the east side of the state. Of course I will miss my out-of-state friends, you know who you are :)

So with that, we are doing many odds and ends throughout the house to get it ready to show off to the many friends, some of whom I haven't seen in years!

We are trying to de-clutter the house a tad, so one of the projects Jason decided to get to, was painting and adding a door to these tables we have in the sunroom. I found many items to shove in these open tables like books and scrapbooking boxes, but here is at least a before pic.
So Jason sanded it down, and painted with a gloss black paint. Then he added a front door that comes down forward, with a nice long handle.  Now I can hide many items without everyone having to see them! Plus it makes the space look A LOT less cluttered. This makes things much easier on me since I have trouble finding "homes" for items when our basement is floor to ceiling full!
With the cold weather fastly approaching, Jason is trying to get all the siding up that he had to take down in order to do the closet addition. So with today being nice and sunny, even though a chilly 55 degrees, he is trying to at least get this side of the house done since guests will be coming in thru the back porch.
On top of all that, the back porch has needed some TLC since it was somewhat destroyed while working just above it for the addition. Jason has drywalled the ceiling (much needed) and given the walls some mudding and sanding as well. Since I am getting too big to help with much else, at least I can paint! So I painted the walls, which still need some touch up, and helped Jason put up the crown molding. Jason is still caulking the gaps and then I can give the trim a coat of white paint.
Jason has placed the mud room like built-in back on the porch, which will be nice for the shower since we can at least hang some coats and put shoes back here. I am still amazed that he made this.....such a talented hubby!!
So with that, we will continue to get ready for the shower which is in just 1 week!! Thankfully my rents are coming to help give the inside a good cleaning! I can't wait to have the house full of friends!

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