Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Build: Stain

Here's a sneak peek at some of the items that have received stain in the house. I say sneak peek because these items have since been touched up and final coats have been added.

Here is the island in the kitchen. This is where there will be a overhang of granite and probably three bar stools
The staircase
The living room beams which were originally pretty dark which I think Jason and I could have lived with but it was worth saying something to the stainers. They were able to wipe some stain off and finesse it a bit to give us exactly what we wanted....expresso colored wood, dark but still able to see the grain. PERFECT

A few other items were stained that I didn't get a chance to grab pics of which include the pantry counter and the mudroom bench. Not to mention the most awaited front door that will go on very soon.

And look who I found upstairs!? Oh yup, forgot to mention the upstairs is primed but it's not as much fun taking pictures of all the white.....although exciting since we will be able to paint color in the next two weeks!

I have been behind on blogging about the build and what's going on but hopefully I can catch up AND help out as I schedule some babysitters on a weekly basis.

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