Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feeding a Picky Toddler

To all those Moms who have Toddlers that "eat what we eat" or love all the food groups....I'm jealous. We once had a little boy whom you couldn't feed fast enough. He loved anything and everything as long as he got to eat, which is where Ava at 8 months is at right now. But with Austin turning 2 next month, he isn't too fond of much these days and it's like pulling teeth to get him to try new things. I read in a parenting book that sometimes it takes up to 10 times to introduce something to a toddler before they are willingly eat it. 10 times!? Really!? I would kinda get sick of throwing that food away for the 9th time and then thinking, well....let me make it one more time.

Funny how you feel all alone and then you start talking to other Moms and sure enough, there are many picky little eaters out there. And I have to mention that I was definitely one of them. Ask anyone who knew me as a child and they would mention Fruit Roll-ups and Candy as my two favorite food groups.

What does Austin eat? Well thankfully he gets a wide variety of food at school and if you don't eat, there is no fruit snacks for back up.

When I pick Austin up from school, it's usually around 5 and by the time we actually get home it's closer to 5:30/5:45. Since it's been a while since lunch and his PM snack, I let him snack on the way home. I'm sure that's a no-no in someone's books but it gives him something to tide over until we get home and it keeps his mouth chewing and not screaming. So I usually give him a treat cup of any of the following :
mini club crackers
yogurt melts
sometimes fruit snacks

When we walk in the door, Austin asks for a glass of milk and applesauce. We buy those Go Go Squeeze applesauces and its something he can eat on his own while I get Ava settled in the high chair and some baby food.

Our meal time is the busiest hour on the planet. We need to eat things fast and Austin as well is looking for a quick bite so he can play before bedtime.
So what do we often resort to?
Mac and Cheese:
I love those mac and cheese cups that you can microwave. Austin especially loves the character shapes because the skinny noodles are harder for him to grab with a fork.

Meat and Cheese:
crackers, deli meat and any slices of cheese
Austin loves fruit but things he can grab or fork are the best. Strawberries, peaches or mandarins (get the dole plastic containers so you can get a handful and put it back in the fridge) clementines (rarely seeds!)

Austin isn't loving the yogurt right now but at one time we were able to give him a frozen go-gurt or dannon fruit smoothies

This isn't the whole list of course but it's some of the go-to items that our busy family with a picky toddler use. It's not's not what Jason and I eat exactly.....but it's a transitional period like everything else with little ones.

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