Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Themed 2nd Birthday Party
Inspiration for these little dinosaurs came from Meri Meri where some of the party supplies came from

Candy boxes with "dinosaur eggs" or M&Ms are hidden behind each dino and the party hats in the background also came from Meri Meri found here
Roar napkins again from Meri Meri
I feel like a party isnt complete without these infamous striped straws
Dinosaur cookies are a great party gift

Stegasaurus center piece guessed it, Meri Meri

Books and stuffed animals make excellent decorations
Continuing the theme onto birthday presents
Blow-up dinos from Oriental Trading
A sign for the front yard (boy with dino sold seperately)
Dino cupcakes made by the Cupcake Tree Bake Shop
Could they match more perfectly!?

Dino tracks on the way to the front door
Wrapping drinks with a fun label and including those lovely straws
Dino Bags filled with goodies made especially for friends at school topped with dinosaur bookmarks from Sears
If I had anything more to include, I too would think that I was crazy!

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