Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ava: 8 months

Oh how my Miss Little Ava isn't so little anymore! She is growing at a fast pace and the days of having a baby seems almost sad at times and not so much at others.

Ava is just starting to crawl so even though the house is toddler-proofed for Austin.....I am not so sure Austin is ready for Ava to start meddling in all his things. He often brings her toys to share with her but as much as he does that, he takes them right away. She especially loves to put her hands all over the books he is reading. "No-no Aba"...... yes her nickname of the month from Austin has changed to Aba.

She is an eating machine and is even trying to boycott bottles sometimes and only eat food. She is eating all things and has only turned away bananas and pumpkin so far, but maybe we can re-introduce those again later.

She is not so anxious to go to bed right at 6:15/6:30 anymore so it's nice to take our time getting her to bed before 7.

She now has started taking off the headbands I put on her, so it's been hard to stick hair clips in her hair since it's just not quite long enough yet.

Still no teeth yet but LOTS and LOTS of drool!! I am no longer bringing spare outfits to places for a messy eater but for my continuous drooler.

Every time we buy her clothes right now, it looks as if she'll have room to grow but then surprisingly it fits her snug! At something like 19 pounds right now, Ava is one healthy little girl! Making it that much harder for me to carry her in her carseat and be patient for Austin during the long hike daily from classroom to car door!

To say that Ava loves her big brother Austin is an understatement. She is absolutely infatuated with him. Every time he comes near, she is nothing but big smiles. He often times can do nothing but look at her and she is giggling away. I get some pretty big smiles in the morning when waking her up, but nothing compares to those smiles for Austin.

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  1. Oh, I love these pictures and stories....Your children are absolutely beautiful! I love your word "infatuated." I remember those days. Elizabeth was exactly the same with Tyler. When she was still rather immobile, I'd see her watching him and just WAITING for him to come to her. So I got in the habit of calling in a quick, sing-songy voice, "Big Brother! Big Brother!" And immediately he'd come over to her "Hi, Elizabeth!" to give her some attention. She was instantly smiling and kicking. Love those memories.


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