Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Build: Hood, Entry, and More Beams

It was difficult to choose between two different styles of hoods Jason had shown me. As with everything he shows me, all choices are a good choice....and I couldn't be happier with our range hood. So here is a preview....

I also love the small cabinets just to the side of the hood. Perfect spot to store your olive oil and seasonings that get regular use.

On to the entry way....nothing like more wainscoting.....

Time to choose the trim that will line the top of the wainscoting
More beams! We can't get enough beams in this house. I absolutely love them. Looking up at the beautiful ceiling that Jason is still surprised that I didn't want to stain or paint. I think the wood looks amazing just the way it is. Gives the dining room the perfect character it needs for overlooking the lake.
Can't wait to see the middle one finished
Here is the real chaos. My dad helping to clean up with Austin, Ava's carseat poking out behind my dad as she snoozes while Jason and I talk over decisions.
Many things are changing......Hard to believe we'll be moving in soon.

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