Sunday, October 14, 2012

No Tricks & All Treats

Anyone who knows our family.....knows about our addiction to crafting. So of course many people wondered why we were carving our pumpkins so early? Answer........we need to get our photos printed so we can scrap our halloween books BEFORE Halloween.

We also needed to secure our date with Kate, the pumpkin carving queen! That girl books up so fast the closer it gets to the holiday.

She knows that Austin is MY son, so she brought him a sweet treat for his sweet tooth.....
He of course ate off all the frosting and left me with the rest of the donut.

We continue to try and get pictures of the two kiddos together. Ava is of course wondering when she can eat the pumpkin, that little eating machine and Austin has to put his foot on the pumpkin just like he puts his foot on the dinner table to eat.....toddlers are so interesting......

It's no surprise to me that Austin couldn't wait to dig in elbow deep. He loved using every single scooper Kate brought along to get all the pumpkin guts out.

Elbow deep was literal
Kate helps Austin put all the guts in a bowl so we can seperate the seeds
One of the many highlights of pumpkin carving for me was when we gave Ava some pumpkin guts to play with. And she did NOT like it. She kept giving us this face that said 'ewwwwww'. I was overjoyed. Thank you Lord for giving me a child that may not want to dig in every pile of dirt, jump in every puddle, squish every piece of food, and smash everything to smithereens.....cause I have one of those and ONE is enough.
 Kate carved Ava a pumpkin that she thought would look just like be the judge but I think she got it spot on.....
Seeds Mommy??
Kate and Austin carved out a T-rex to match Austin's shirt
I think Austin "ROAR'd' about 95 times during pumpking carving
Hey Austin, can you make the same face as Ava's pumpkin!? ( with another treat in his hand to eat the frosting off of)
Yup! Looks the same to me!
The finished products of Halloween 2012! Thanks Kate for coming over and spending the day with us!


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  2. Love the Ava-pumpkin look alike. Very cute group of pumpkins (kiddos included)!


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