Thursday, December 10, 2015

Why I love Great Wolf at Halloween

This is our 2nd year going to Great Wolf near Halloween. Hopefully this becomes a yearly trip for our family. Although this is the well slept Mommy talking. Typically I wake up the morning after and think....ugh, why do I do this again? I say that because not even ear plugs could help me sleep between Austin grinding his teeth and coughing, keeping me awake the entire night. But lack of sleep doesn't compare to the huge smiles and tons of laughter and fun we have.
The trick or treating is always fun at night. Gets us out of the water park and kids get a chance to wear their costumes and trick or treat since every year, the crummy weather keeps us from truly trick or treating at home.
I am pretty convinced Austin only picked out this Spartan costume because it came with a shield and a sword. And its pretty obvious why Ava continues to be Elsa for every possible dress up opportunity.

Last year we were there early enough to watch the balloon Frankenstein be put together. It was really interesting watching the guy work. This year, the dragon greeted us from the door. It's absolutely HUGE!
Everyone dresses up, even the parents. Doesn't Buddy the Elf look really excited!?

I didn't take very many pictures this year. I don't really want to bring my camera into the water park and the lighting of course in this place is horrible. I took more cell phone pics than anything really. But I kinda needed some photos to at least blog about the great time we had.

I also love the drive up north around Halloween because the colors of the trees are beautiful.
The kids enjoyed the water park even more, being one year older. Austin was big enough to go on some of the inner tube rides with adults. They both really enjoyed the big slides this year. I would say their favorite thing was swimming in the bigger hot tub. They didn't need to wear their swimmies because they could both touch and Austin loved to show off his awesome swimming skills in a smaller space.

Looking forward to heading back next year!

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