Tuesday, December 22, 2015

First Snow

So our first snow of 2015 seemed like our one and only so far. We have had a warm December and I am NOT complaining. But I sure did love watching the kids' excitement about it.

These kiddos are so lucky to have a Grandpa that is used to cold temperatures and goes outside with them no matter how cold it is! My dad always took me sledding and build snow forts and had snow ball fights with us. And now my kids to get to experience that with him as well. It's pretty awesome!
I wasn't outside for long because the snow was really coming down and I really wanted to snap a few pictures and then get started on the hot chocolate!! Although my kids don't really drink hot chocolate. They pretty much love a LOT of whip cream and sprinkles! what kid doesn't!?

Nothing makes me happier than snowflakes on eyelashes! And my buddy has eyelashes for days!

love, love, LOVE

eating fresh snow. nothing better. unless your someone that gets freaked out by that. in that case just close your eyes over the next few pics.

Off to sled down the hill again with handfuls of snow to eat on the way...
This was the day to build a snowman. however we missed that opportunity since sledding was higher on the priority list. So the next day I went out with the kids and built more of a torpedo than a snowman. oh well, it was a great looking small scale torpedo. and we had fun. and it melted within 2 days. Like I said, warm December. no complaints here.

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