Monday, December 21, 2015

Austin: 5 years old

This is such a big year for my buddy. Turning five and starting D-K (young 5's) was such a huge transition even though he's already been a daycare kid since 3 months old. And it's amazing to see what he has already absorbed in this first half year of school.
He has grown to love Lego's and enjoys putting something together while understanding the instructions. The huge smile that follows putting together a 'creation' as he calls them, is completely priceless.
He still has the best memory in the family. He remembers places we went years ago and there is zero room for error when you tell Austin something, because he will remember it just exactly as you said.
He is becoming so independent. I think sometimes I help my kids a little too much with things and I still get so surprised when I wake up in the morning and find Austin downstairs, dressed for the day. Although now the clothes I set out for him are set aside for his 'sports clothes'. He would still wear sports shorts every day if we let him, even though it's 30 degrees outside!
Yup, he loves all things shields, swords, play guns, bow/ get the picture. weapons of any sort! He loves to be chased around the house. His favorite games at bedtime include thumb war and rock/paper/scissors and he is ticklish as can be!
At conferences this year his teacher told us he is well liked by friends and very good to his friends as well. He is a little chatter box and even had to be moved in the classroom so that there was less chatter!! (sound like me? YES) He is still learning to keep his hands to himself when angry. I am sure all kids this age are like that but he is quick to push/shove/hit and we are always working on 'using our words'. He is also working on losing. Yup, anyone that has a 5 year old knows how hard it is for them to lose. They want to win every.single.time. and it's a hard lesson to learn.
He is so sweet and is still my little hugger. Friends often get surprised when Austin hugs out of excitement. He is still very particular about the way his socks are on his feet. He likes things organized and put in their place. He is reading and writing and all of that is very exciting on my end. I love seeing him write (and he for sure is a lefty) and I love hearing him explain his drawings he made at school. Can't imagine what another half year of school will bring to the table. Happy 5th Birthday to my Austin Joseph!!!

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