Thursday, November 5, 2015

Carvin' with Kate

My mom needed me to get these pictures done and printed so she can work on our Halloween scrapbooks. They are more like small flipbooks and they are the greatest thing since Betty White (sliced bread came after her if you didn't know that).
So instead of editing each photo or trying to work on each one and get them done months from now. I batch edited some just to give them some light or color since they were taken indoors on a cloudy day.
Now since we've gotten past my photography disclaimer, we can get on to the goods. The guts I should say.
Ava requested none other than......come on.....what did she want on her pumpkin........Elsa!!! Didn't see that comin' did ya?
Austin wants anything 'cool' which in this case turned out to be an intricate mummy face
Ava is routinely a very messy girl and in this case, she wasn't too thrilled with pumpkin guts.
ahhhh pumpkin seeds. quick...put on the oven!

She got a little more comfortable with pumpkin guts as time went on.
Austin enjoyed sorting out the seeds for grandma to wash.

Ava enjoyed washing the seeds in the sink. She could have played with them in there all day.

Takes a lot of concentration to poke all those dots onto the pumpkin to get the design just right. Elsa has  a LOT of cut-outs.

Look at that mummy face! poor Kate had intricate designs and VERY large pumpkins to carve thanks to Jason.

Ta-da! Queen Elsa. She's in the pantry so we can close the door to see how well she glows.
Elsa equals one happy Ava
Can you see her in there?
pumpkin seeds are just about done!
Oh that mummy is just awesome! Turned out so good. Thanks Kate!
I'm ok with having rotten pumpkins long before Halloween. Long gone in the trash and less of a chance some stinkin' teenager is gonna throw it at our mailbox.

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