Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

Kyle and Kristin not only decided to reveal their gender at an adorable party with all their family and friends.....but they also decided to reveal it to themselves on the same night!! I was honored to be the only person that knew for a whole day and a half! I was shocked myself when I opened the envelope as I was sure that I had a feeling and like everyone else..I was wrong.

The fun part was gathering all the pink and blue decor. I love the candy in jars of all shapes and sizes...anyone that knows me knows that is no surprising statement.

 Lots of ways to choose which team you were rooting for. One was choosing either mustache or bow to carry around and the other was placing a penny in the large pink or blue baby bottles.

 Or you could be like Cohen here and just choose which color Oreo you would like to eat....
More cute decor....

When trying to decide how to technically "theme" the party....we found the gender reveal party online done by Giuliana and Bill
So we ran with it, and put together a box for the gender revealing balloons to come out of.....

 And BOY oh BOY were they surprised! All the girl "bows" were taken with in the first 5 minutes of people arriving. Most everyone thought it was going to be a girl and I think that's why it was such a great surprise! Couldn't be happier they are having a little boy!!

 And here are a few of Kristin just because I love maternity photos SOOOOOO much!

Congrats again you guys!

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