Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Build: Beach Transition

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Honestly, you can't have enough. Not only that, but they aren't cheap either. Maybe I should open up a rock business.....ok not really. But really!? A funny thing to have to buy.
 The black tarp separates where we would like the grass to come up to.
 They finally start to take some shape. We are fortunate enough that we have a big scenery of homes to look at and compare beach transitions....we are not so fortunate in the millions of dollars department. But, that doesn't mean that a little blood, sweat, and tears from the good ole' hubby can't help stretch the budget.

I love the flat steps. Hopefully I don't hate them when one of the kiddos stubs their big toe.
 We are planning to put mulch behind all the rocks and then randomly place some grasses within the mulch.
The poor little tree in the far right hand side of the photo below had to be moved from the front to the back. Our association has rules about diameters of trees (don't ask me, I just moved in!) and this tree was too out it came and into the back it went. I will still love you little skinny tree.
The headache continues along with the landscaping. Seems like when you book one landscaper to help with the sand, then they book a different job on top of yours. Or when you book another landscaper to place hydroseed, they convince you to go with sod. Who knows!? Hopefully we can make a decision on hydroseed versus sod and just go with it.

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