Monday, July 29, 2013

The Dock

The dock at the cabin is one of the spots where you get the most bang for your buck as they would say. It's the place where everyone gathers for easy entertainment. It can't get much better than hanging out on the dock.

Austin loved throwing bread in the lake to feed the fish. The only problem was that he barely broke it up and would throw in whole or half pieces of bread. Oh well, the fish could have cared less, they still got to eat.
Did you read the post about the Nay Nays? Here is the infamous carrot that Ava carried around with her all day. Continually gnawing on it.....

Grandpa teaches Austin how to fish.
Austin loved getting the worms out of the container!
And as soon as the hook hit the water, it was a feeding frenzy.... and Austin couldn't have been more excited.
He needed no instruction on this part. He would just reach out and grab the fish.
He'd throw the fish back in......and REPEAT.
Who doesn't love fishing with Grandpa?
Onto the next big adventure on the dock......the huge snapping turtle! Here Grandpa tells Austin all about feeding the turtle hot dogs so it will come stay under our dock.
Huge, right? He could have eaten Ava for breakfast!
Ahh enjoying the family time. But this isn't really what it looks like. The picture below this one explains what life on the dock is really like......
It's making sure Austin doesn't fall into the water. And then making sure Austin doesn't knock Ava into the water. And then the dog gets in the way........whew!
More cabin adventures to come! See now.....the rain doesn't hold us back from enjoying all that the cabin has to offer. So what if we crammed it all into three hours while the twenty one other hours were spent inside as we all went crazy with cabin fever!

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