Monday, July 29, 2013

Nay Nays

Another item off our Bucket List this summer was to take the kids up to the cabin. We could finally plan the trip after Ava started walking as we knew that would make things go much easier as well as more fun for her. Little did we know that rain would end up being the entire forecast. But, a day off for both Jason and myself at the same time, is a rarity. So we went anyway, praying for the weather to give us a break.

Just outside my parents neighborhood live two horses. We rarely get away without bringing them carrots whenever we visit my parents for the day. So needless to say, the kids aren't afraid of horses. Which is good since the entertainment was slim pickins' on the rainy day at the cabin.

In between the downpours of rain, Ava was tugging on the doorknob to go outside. And the phrase "Nay-nay" was the first thing out of her mouth. So off we went time after time to say hello to the nay nays and bring them some carrots. Only Ava doesn't like to share her carrots.
As we walk back from visiting them, Ava does the thing she does best back at home. She taunts the animal. We are always saying "poor Lily" as Ava pretends to give whatever she has in her hands to the dog, and then swiftly shoves it in her own mouth. And here she practices it just as well. 'Ah-ha! Look what I have horsie!'
And she walks away the victor, with carrot in hand.
But you could have a flower Mommy, just don't touch my carrot.
And of course Lily thinks she's a horse and needs to be back in their stable. A dog can dream.
More cabin stories and pics to come! Despite the rain and the episodes of crabby vs. hyper children.....we had a good time and can't wait to go back next year.


  1. Your photography is getting better and better! I can't believe how much Ava has grown up.

  2. Thanks Linds! A true compliment coming from you! And yes she is growing up so fast! She talks so much!


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