Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Build: Paint Wars

At first, it sounded like fun. Finally I get to help out with the house. If it's one thing I can do, it's help with painting. But now.....ask me to paint and I sigh and roll my eyes. I've had enough of painting. Trying to cut in the ceiling and around ALL that trim....ugh! Trying to make it perfect knowing I will be staring at these walls for the next at least 5 years......(no way I am changing these colors any time soon after all this work).

We put a few samples up on the wall for a color for the master bedroom, bath, and closet/dressing room. We ended up choosing the third color from the left. You can find it at Home Depot, part of the Behr collection called Verdigris.

The granite is called 'bright white'. We picked out two large slabs at American Granite and they were the last two left practically in Michigan. I guess this granite is starting to change, and as you can tell, is more grey tones than white. There are other portions of the slab that do have more lighter tones and more white, but we picked that part out for the kitchen. We were able to squeeze our bath, the lower bath, the kitchen island, the 'home central' countertop, and I think something else out of the two slabs.

The other tile on top of the granite is our floor tile. It is grey in color but has a cork like look to it. Then there is the stone for the back wall behind the tub, and the accent glass tile is also there.
The master closet has been primed and painted.

More of the master closet

Jason started on the master shower.

A look into the master bath from the bedroom. To the left are the his and her vanities and to the right is the bath tub.

Master bedroom. I love the wall of trim that our bed will be up against.

Austin's room. I am planning on doing a big navy stripe around the room. How big has yet to be decided.
Ava's room. The large boxes in the middle are the vanities for both kiddos. I have also ordered a tree wall decal for one of Ava's walls.
The hallway that leads to the kids bedrooms and our bedroom as well. I am thinking of putting a nice family photo in the niche at the end of the hall.
A look at the stairwell
Heading down the stairs. This color is called Cement by Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot.
I have yet to post photos of the kids bath which now just needs a second coat. The main floor has also been painted. The last room upstairs that needs paint is the laundry/craft room. I think we decided we would wait to get that room finished after we move in. Which is slotted for Dec. 20 right now, but I paid rent for the full month of December :) just in case we needed a few extra days.

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