Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween Twenty Twelve

I don't know why but I keep putting off blogging about Halloween. Maybe it's because I shot but a few photos on the nasty, rainy, cold, did I mention nasty night?!

One thing to be thankful for is the fact that my mom was on top of getting Halloween costumes early this year. So instead of waiting until Halloween to put on costumes.......we put them on when the weather was nice!!

 It's completely evident that Austin not only loves dinosaurs, but loves to ROAR like one!
Even though Austin was a dinosaur last year, it only fit this year with his absolutely love for dinosaurs and an upcoming birthday party full of nothing but!
One of my faves! That adorable hood and tail!
Ava wasn't just an owl, she was a chunky owl...the best kind!

I didn't get any good pics of Ava myself the actual night of Halloween so these pics are priceless.
Love those little piggies too!
So on to the real photos of Halloween......Austin wasn't too happy about the cruddy weather either...
He was happy to get dressed up though, and he even tried to run in the rain when we told him it was time to go in. I think if it had been a nicer night, he would have trick or treated for a while. It's on nights like Halloween that I also wish my kiddos stayed up a bit later. It seems crazy to even wish for something like that, but when they get so crabby when it's past bedtime, it makes later nights just not worth it. BUT there is always next year!

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