Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ava: 9 months

My little chunk of an Ava is toothless and crawling at 9 months.

I have to say things are even easier since she is mobile. Easier on me since she isn't so frustrated about reaching toys, harder on Austin since most of the time they are the toys he is playing with.

A frequent phrase out of Austin's mouth since Ava has been crawling is "No Ava, no!".

She is leaping into 12 month clothing if not the next size up for those adorable chunky thighs. I am back to buying clothes left and right (well maybe I mean Grandma is).

She is phasing out a bottle or two here and there for more food. She doesn't turn down food that's for sure. They even found her under the food table at daycare eating up all the scraps that were dropped....that's my Ava!

I love that toothless grin. I don't know where those pearly whites are but I am enjoying the fact that she isn't "teething" right now. I may be regretting them all coming in later but a happy baby right now is refreshing considering Austin is still expressing emotions frequently throughout the day if that's how you want to put it.

Ava loves to babble. Lots of da-das, ba-bas, and a few ma-ma's here and there. Although most of the ma-mas are when she is eating and I think she is trying to say more rather than ma-ma.

Hard to look at her and still call her a baby. She is growing so fast. No wonder there is always a "baby" of the family. It's your last one you get to bottle feed and rock good night. It's the last baby to still cuddle, and what a cuddler she is!! It's the last baby to complete all the firsts, and even though I know we are done having children, it's still hard to say good bye to some of that stuff.

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