Monday, August 27, 2012

Ava: 6 months

To say that half a year has already gone by with precious Ava into this world is unbelievable. How did this one go so fast? It seemed like Austin from birth to 6 months was a long time and my guess is that being a first time Mom for me was not so easy. This time around, although things are busier, they are easier.

Ava is completely captivated by Austin and what he is doing. He continues to put a 'D' in front of her name calling her "Diva" and it's completely appropriate at times. When she really wants something, she doesn't cry, she does this higher pitched squeal. Doesn't sound so cute, but it's adorable and my Mom and I just look at each other and say "Oh Diva!"

I am constantly saying right now that she was born at the right time. If she had to wear pants right now, well.... it wouldn't be an option. She has rolls and rolls on those thighs that don't look like they are going to fit into anything right now. With the hot summer, we stick with a onesie and that's about it.

She is starting to eat different foods now and she loves squash. We are getting closer to family meals as Jason and I are each feeding a kiddo at the table when we get home from work. With Ava in a bouncer on the table and Austin in a highchair, mealtime can be chaotic, but even if Jason and I have empty stomachs or are eating in a hurry to be with the kiddos, that's just family life for now. It won't be long and this too shall pass.

She is going to bed by 6:45 most nights. She is drooling and chewing on her fingers constantly. There are no signs of any teeth just yet. Her hair hasn't grown too much lately but it isn't quite defined in color (although my Mom would like to say it's for sure brown).

She rolls around and is just starting to sit up better on her own. I am dying to take "6 month photos" but that is one regret I had with Austin's since he wasn't the best at sitting up just yet which made them more difficult. So for now I got just a few since I had the itch.

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