Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Build: Built-ins

Jason has been hard at work trying to finish up a lot of the built-ins so we can move on to the next things (flooring, paint...etc). Everytime I leave the house lately, I have a huge grin on my face after seeing the amazing things Jason has done.

Here is Jason working on the mudroom built-in:
It will have two cabinets on each side that will be closed and the middle will be open with coat hooks. Jason has yet to build a bench on the bottom. He also found baskets (what a story that is if you have time to listen) that fit perfectly in the bottom two squares on each side.
Next is the built-in seating in the dining room. As die hard entertainers at heart, we have been wanting a dining space where our everyday table can push into the corner for more people. There couldn't be a more perfect spot for lots of seating than in front of the beautiful lake view. And yes, that is Austin running around with every piece of scrap wood he can get his hands on.

Here is a closer look at the top where Jason fit MDF in the middle of the framework. We are planning on doing seat cushions but at least people can feel comfortable sitting on this in the meantime.

Next is the built-in at the top of the stairs and to the right. Nothing is worse than wasted space and Jason used this opportunity to fit something in between the stairs and the closet next to Austin's room.  
Last but not least on this list, is the built-in inside the toilet room in our master bath. Excuse the sideways photos as I had a baby in my arms!
I love the squares that are built perfectly for rolled towels. Both the top and the bottom will be cabinets. What a nice place to hide cleaning supplies, linens, trash can, etc.

Soon to come: The master closet update, we finally pick out a paint color for the main floor, work on the master bath, and column details on the main floor.....YAY!

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