Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Build: Lots and Lots of Trim

Once you start to just can't stop! What a difference just a few more pieces can make.
The columns that help separate the great room feeling we have, are starting to come together.
The ceiling in the kitchen is starting to receive some more detail as well. It will also have crown around the perimeter.
In the entryway, Jason has started to create faux columns at the corners of the walls. I love how it helps to separate the space.

The ceiling above the master bath gets some trim as well!!
I think that's about it for the trim updates at the moment. Things are starting to come cabinets and furniture to name a few, but quite a few more steps to complete before those can go in. Projected move in date is more like end of October right now. Just in time to start planning for Austin's 2nd Birthday Party! 

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