Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Egg Hunt

I couldn't wait to dress up the kiddos for Easter! Ava had on a cute pink dress and I pulled out everything pink and girlie. She wore a headband, ruffles, tights, shoes, and bracelets! Now here comes the kicker....I got lots of pictures of Austin and only one of Ava...with my iPhone at that! Poor girl is already getting a taste of the 2nd child syndrome. A big part of that is having an opportunity to relax when your family is happy to take both kids off your hands! I finally sat down and ate a meal without a child in my arms.

So here's that one photo...sorry Ava

I was excited for Austin to be able to Easter egg hunt since we had practiced quite a bit at my parents house. Austin loved to pick up the eggs and put them in the basket, just as much as he loved dumping them all out! I couldn't wait to start snapping pictures of Austin getting the eggs. Oh and just as a disclaimer, Austin wouldn't drop his bubble wand for anything or anyone, so he took it with him on his egg hunt.

So off he goes and it looks like he is going to grab one, and then he grabs a flower........
Ok, try again. Off he goes and we all start saying, "Get the eggs Austin" and he picks up a rock......
Ahh, he finally grabs an egg and throws it in the basket!!
Egg and bubble wand in hand equals a successful Easter!

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