Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Ever since we started The Build, our weekends as a family have really changed.

We all get up in the morning and try to take our time eating a nice family breakfast together since none of us get to sleep in these days. We are lucky if we see any shut eye past 6am. By the time 8 o'clock rolls around, Jason has to head off to the site to get some work done, and me and the kiddos pack up the car and head to Grandma and Grandpa's. Even though we live less than a mile away from them right now, I pack up as if we are leaving for the weekend. It's just easier to bring anything and everything since we spend ALL day at their house.

The moment we get to my parents house, Austin's arms are reaching for Grandpa to take him next door to feed treats to the neighbor's dog. Grandpa takes him through all these rituals including hanging out in the basement playing with all sorts of fun stuff like jars of coins. This is also the moment where Ava leaves me to spend the majority of the day sleeping on Grandma's shoulder.

The weather plays a huge role of course in any child's day but my favorite is when the weather is just right for us to spend the day doing things like taking long walks with Ava in the front pack and Austin in the wagon. We visit the horses down the road and bring them carrots, which are usually pre-chewed by Austin on the ride there. Since Austin is a water boy, we try and go in the hot tub as well so Austin can splash around for a while. Austin always tries to pick my parents flowers, grab handfuls of dirt to spread on the driveway, or put rocks in his mouth. But he loves being outside, loves nature in every aspect, and points at every bird in his line of vision.

Ava (or Dowa as Austin pronounces it) spends time in the front pack or in someone's arms, but she never gets put down!

Usually Jason finishes the work day in time to spend Saturday dinner at my parents which is always a well needed, home cooked meal with help from Uncle Jarred.

Even though I haven't posted in a while about the build, things are happening but even bigger things are happening in the next few weeks. Drywall and siding are next on the list and I can't wait to see some changes like those!

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