Monday, December 26, 2011

Split Second Christmas

What happened to Christmas!? I think I blinked and it's already gone. We spend so much time preparing and then in a flash, everyone is putting away the decorations. This year Austin was able to enjoy opening his presents, least the wrapping.

My camera barely made it out of the bag as we were busy eating, catching up with family, and playing with all the new and fun toys. I often wonder what we could even get the baby on the way in the future, as we seem to accumulate every toy on the market for Austin. Our townhouse living room has been taken over by toys that seem to be getting larger!

We didn't even have but a chance to snap a family photo and Austin wasn't too thrilled about having to stay on Daddy's lap.

But I always try and capture a picture of my handsome boys......

This year we split our family Christmas into two days. This way more of the family could be together not once but twice instead of one long day. It works out well since we now have little kiddos that need to sneak in naptime and get some time away from all the chaos. 

Over at my Aunt Nancy's on Christmas night, Austin found it more fun to be IN the bin of toys as Isaiah put the toys in and Austin threw them out.

For Austin's second Christmas, no longer any 1st Holidays for him, he sure did enjoy the family time, even if it was over in a split second!

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